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Team Chemistry and Squad Building Challenges Explained – EA FC 24 Beginner’s Guide

EA FC 24’s Football Ultimate Team, more commonly known as FUT, can be quite daunting for players who are new to the game. Even for those who usually play the offline game mode, FUT can be confusing, which is the primary reason they tend to skip the FUT mode. In this guide, we’ll start with how to launch the FUT team and also cover the basics of how to build a team by completing Squad Building Challenges.

Building Your Team (Team Chemistry) 

When you launch FUT, you are asked to select the region you prefer the most. It’s based on this choice that they give you the initial set of players, allowing you to build a team based on team chemistry. Every player has three chemistry points based on the teammates that surround him. Players earn a chemistry point based on their nationality, the league they play in, and the club they play for. The objective while building the team is to attain higher chemistry. In simple terms, every teammate should have three players surrounding them from the same league, club team, and nationality.

The initial set of flare packs will help you get players from the regions you’ve initially selected. Mixing and matching players from the same nationality should be your first objective, as well as players from the same club. For starters, work on a team that has higher chemistry than the average player rating. This might require you to put higher-rated players on the bench, but the overall flow of the team will be much better.


Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are the next most critical element in FUT. Every week, EA introduces trending players that are up for rewards once you complete an SBC. To complete an SBC, players have to submit cards that have a specific average player rating. Team chemistry does not matter; just the team rating. Apart from the rating, certain players may have extra conditions, making it harder for players to unlock the reward.

There are a ton of players that do not enter your active squad, and these players are called “fodder” for SBCs. Keeping track of your excess players, especially the higher-rated ones, allows you to complete SBCs on a regular basis. You could use the EA app or website to complete SBCs and build your team. The coins you get from these activities can ideally be used to buy players directly from the transfer market or to acquire players that help complete an SBC.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, using sites like FUTBIN and FUTWIZ helps you spend fewer coins in attaining players that are cheaper for SBCs. Just search for SBC Solutions on each of these sites, and you’ll find various recommendations that showcase the cheapest players for every active SBC.

If you’ve been playing FUT and you’ve been saving up those coins only to buy very specific players, you’ve been playing the game wrong. Spending coins to buy fodder is a critical part of this game. The more coins you save on each SBC, the more growth you would see in your team. Another hidden trick to make coins is to buy fodder-related players in advance and sell them for a higher price. Prices tend to go up when more players attempt to complete the SBC. Hence, be wise and try to make more coins without just playing the game. Trading in the transfer market based on SBC fodder is an important strategy every FUT player should capitalize on.



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