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Future Stars Promo Another Dissapointment? – Roberto Carlos, Garnacho, Rooney and Many More

EA FC 24 has been struggling to get players online in the past few weeks. The Messi TOTY glitch has really ruined the games, especially in high ELO matches. EA’s attempt is to make up for the many 97-rated Messi cards in the game. I always thought there would be an objective space player that would make up for the missing Messi glitch. Unfortunately, only two inform AFCON players, Chukwueze and Sangare, have been added as objective players.

For now, EA has released a promo related to upcoming stars in the game. This promo is called Future Stars and incorporates higher stats on young upcoming players. Whether these cards would feature playstyle bonuses in them is yet to be determined. The objective of this promo is to get an outlook on how these players would feel in a scenario where they have boosted stats. This promo also features icon cards of retired players with peak stats from when they were young. Let’s take a look at what’s incoming for this promo.

Future Stars Stats Disappointing?

Garnacho and Doku cards have been released, and it doesn’t look like there are many improvements in their previous special cards. Both these players had better winter wildcards, and the Future Stars promo isn’t really adding much to the overall performance of the players. Personally, I would look into the icon cards and their stats because of the chemistry advantages you get.

The stats for the regular Future Stars promo look average. If I were to enter the transfer market to buy these cards, I would try out the Winter Wild Cards version of them first. Future Stars promo packs would be more expensive, and the margin between the stats isn’t worth the price difference. Hence, if you’re planning to buy through the transfer market, make sure there is a significant advantage.

Future Stars Academy

There have also been leaks regarding a Future Stars Academy promo. This promo is said to include evolutions and feature objective players. How they implement evolutions into these cards is going to be interesting. As of now, silver cards have been boosted all the way up to 91+ stats, and the evolution part of the game isn’t going as expected for EA. I do expect good promo packs within the in-game store for a bargain number of coins, so keep a lookout for the overall pack rewards odds to make sure there is a fair chance to get some good cards.

The icon players are obviously at a very high price if you plan to buy them. For obvious chemistry reasons, these cards are highly sought out. With the likes of Roberto Carlos and Rooney entering the mix, players could see an overall decrease in the coin value of previous icon cards. If you are one of those players who is hanging on to an overpriced icon card, now would be a good time to sell, as the prices of these cards are expected to fall shortly after the promo launch. Also, watch out for the objectives tab and make sure you grind to unlock those players. Worst case, you can use them as fodder for other SBCs. But make sure you grind them out.


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