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Squad’s New Update Goes Live With New Map + Update Notes

Squad Operation Sanxian Update

Offworld’s 50v50 military first-person shooter Squad recently received its 7.1 update, which brings in a new map, system updates, and server browser improvements.

Squad’s new map is the Sanxian Islands – a string of islands in the Indo-Pacific region and an important site for the war’s Pacific theater. The islands’ hilly terrain of fields and jungles provides the perfect setting for Squad players to engage in close-quarters combat, launch amphibious vehicles, and use helicopters to transport squads in or out. The island features a power plant, a canal town, and a naval base.

Another notable change is in the game’s server browser. Offworld has switched from using Steam servers to Epic Online Services. Theoretically, this shouldn’t affect performance, but the switch to Epic’s servers does affect the number of servers found during a search. Instead of the results showing all active servers, Epic can only return up to 200. Offworld has also introduced a way to filter the results when searching for a server.

The rest of the update focuses on system improvements and bug fixes, so here’s the trailer featuring Sanxian Islands. Then, you can read the entire update notes below.

Operation Sanxian Trailer

Squad 7.1 Update Notes

Sanxian Islands

The Sanxian Islands hold great strategic importance in the Pacific region due to their coastal location and the potential for pre-existing industrial infrastructure to be repurposed for military use. The occupation of this island by a regional force has made for rapid construction of new military facilities including a radar station and helicopter base.

Sanxian Islands is a level that focuses heavily on Infantry warfare, with lush forests, industrial zones, and claustrophobic villages. The use of amphibious vehicles and helicopters allows for high flexibility in the transportation of infantry between locations, but infantry can stand on their own by sneaking through the jungle and shallow waterways that connect the chain of islands.

Sanxian Islands Map Layers

AAS v1 – USA vs PLA

AAS v2 – USMC vs PLA

AAS v3 – CAF vs PLA

Invasion v1 – USMC attacking PLA

Invasion v2 – PLANMC attacking USA


RAAS v2 – ADF vs PLA

Seed v1 – ADF vs PLA

Skirmish v1 – USMC vs PLA

System & Gameplay Updates

  • Due to several GPU crashes related to Nvidia Frame Generation, we have decided to disable the feature until it is more stable
  • Fixed a server crash related to VOIP that could occur after leaving and then quickly rejoining a server
  • Increased the yaw extents on the M2 and NSV emplaced machine guns

Server Browser Improvements

With the 7.0 update, we swapped to using Epic Online Services. Unfortunately, this limits the amount of servers that can be returned per search to 200. With Steam, this number was much higher, usually returning all active servers. Previously we would filter these results on the client side rather than have Steam’s backend return pre-filtered results. We’ve been working on addressing this and for this update, we’ve added the following filters to the server search query:

  • Regional Ping Filtering
  • Empty Servers
  • Full Servers
  • Licensed Servers
  • Modded Servers
  • Show Different Versions
  • Search Bar Filtering

We are still working on moving the tag system filters to the EOS query, but it’s taking more time than anticipated. We’ll be releasing that fix in a future update.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few issues that could prevent legacy weapon skins and clan patches from appearing properly (or at all) on the customization menu
  • Fixed a client crash related to Epic Online Services that could occur when changing maps
  • Fixed a bug that could cause increased or infinite load times when joining servers with a lengthy “message of the day”
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to get stuck on the main menu background image when attempting to join a server
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the TLF faction to have more than one AR MG3 (Ironsights) role in a single Squad
  • Added an attempted fix for helicopters appearing differently for each player (upside down helicopters)

Mod SDK Update

Added the Sanxian Islands map to the Mod SDK

Known Issues

Server Tag filters will filter on retrieved results rather than on the EOS Backend

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