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PC vs Console: Which is Best for Gaming?

When it comes to gaming, everyone has asked themselves the big question of PC versus console and which to buy. From an education and work perspective, PC wins by far as consoles are limited exclusively for entertainment and gaming. In this article, we look at gaming exclusively and the questions everyone should be asking themselves when they go through the “PC vs Console” choice.

What is the present hardware setup?

The initial checklist of hardware would be if a user already has a gaming-ready TV. The main difference between PC and console with regards to setup would be the total space it requires. Consoles fortunately only require a minimal amount of space, and using the already available furniture would do the trick. For a PC, you would need to invest in a table as well as a chair that is height adjustable. Besides that, users would have to allow space exclusively for the PC, and that might be a problem for many. In short, if space is an issue, a Console would be the way to go.


What kind of games are going to be played and for how long?

The type of game a user is going to play completely determines the decision between PC vs console. If the intention is to play AAA single-player games, consoles would no doubt be the best option. Unlike PCs, where you might have to tinker a lot with the settings, game developers optimize almost every game well for consoles.  With the new PS5 and Xbox TV decks, users can enter a game by just turning on the console. It’s that simple and well-optimized.

If the intention is to grind multiplayer games, PC might be the go-to option. Unlike consoles, PC graphics settings can be heavily customized for better hardware performance, a significant advantage not to be underestimated. While consoles can also push for 4k 60 fps gaming, high-end PCs have already crossed the 4k 240 fps threshold.
Users can tune PCs for lower latency, better network response, and higher FPS. Hence, from a competitive standpoint, PC will definitely be the way to go if multiplayer games are the priority.

PC Vs Console Budget Battle

The next biggest factor that comes into play in the PC versus console topic would be the total budget of any gamer. At the present PS5 or Xbox Series X price, users can get their hands on better hardware for a customized PC. Since PS5 titles as of now are primarily 120 fps titles, building a PC that can push for as many FPS wouldn’t cost as much. PC wins here, giving more hardware value for the price of a PS5.

Though PS5 runs on existing TVs, users will need to buy an exclusive 120 Hertz TV for the full experience. Monitors at the same time aren’t as expensive, and opting for a 240 Hertz or a 144 Hertz monitor wouldn’t cost you as much as a 55-inch 120 Hz television.

Gaming Subscription Platforms 

With the recent introduction of subscription-based platforms, both PC and console have affordable options. Previously, both Sony and Microsoft users were battling it out with exclusives. Now, it looks like Xbox games will be featured in the PlayStation Store soon. Nothing has been confirmed about PlayStation games on the Xbox, but experts say that the exclusive era is coming to an end soon.

PC users, at the same time, have been able to benefit from both plates, featuring both PS5 exclusives and Xbox titles. Apart from the mentioned two game stores, PC users have access to way more subscription platforms that are cheaper and also offer a wide range of games to play. Steam Store, Epic Store, and Riot’s own in-game clients are a few examples of multiple platforms PC users have to game on a daily basis. Almost every gaming company has copied the Xbox Game Pass model, and for PC users, the number of options seems to be rising consistently.


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