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GUIDE | Get Antimony in the Starfield Universe

Antimony is a unique and valuable resource in the vast Starfield universe. However, it is a rather scarce material in the game, so getting it is difficult.

This material is known for its versatile use in various crafting and enhancement processes. Antimony is a must-have for players looking to improve their gaming experience. This guide will provide detailed information on obtaining Antimony in Starfield and where to find it.

Antimony in Starfield: An Overview

Antimony is a rare mineral that is primarily used in the crafting and upgrading of equipment in Starfield. It is crucial in creating advanced technologies, making it a highly sought-after resource. Antimony is critical in the game, from upgrading your spacecraft to manufacturing high-tech weapons. As such, players need to have Antimony in their inventory.

How to obtain Antimony in Starfield

Mining: The easiest way to obtain Antimony is through mining. Equip a mining tool and venture into the various planets and asteroids in the game. Please pay attention to shiny, metallic rocks: they often contain Antimony.

Quest rewards: Certain quests in Starfield reward players with Antimony upon completion. Keep an eye out for these missions, as they can be lucrative for stocking up on this resource.

Salvage: Wrecked spaceships and abandoned outposts often contain valuable resources, including Antimony. Equip yourself with a salvage tool and explore these locations thoroughly.

Where to find Antimony in Starfield

Antimony can be found on various planets and asteroids throughout the Starfield universe. However, certain locations are known to have a higher concentration of this resource. An ideal place to search for Antimony is the Indum solar system, specifically Indum III-a. Players can get a large amount of this precious material on this moon.

Fortunately, that is not the only place where you can get Antimony. Now, to have an inventory full of this material, you will have to take your spaceship and explore the following sites:

  • Beta Marae V-b
  • Gasparis
  • Beta Andraste I-c
  • Indum IV-d
  • Indum III-a
  • Moloch III
  • Maheo VII
  • Muphrid VI-d

To get Antimony, you must take your scanner and venture into the vast world of Starfield. Keep in mind that many of these planets have a large number of outposts that will allow you to perform a good exploration. On the other hand, it is important to remember that hostile creatures often inhabit these places, so come prepared for a fight.

In conclusion, obtaining Antimony in Starfield requires a mix of exploration and combat. When mining, you must always be attentive to all the details of your surroundings. Happy questing, and may your journey through the stars be full of adventures and discoveries.

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