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CS2 review after the new wave of limited test accesses

Last August 31, 2023, Valve made a new update to the CS2 limited test where they introduced some changes in the gameplay, new mechanics, the new Inferno, and, most importantly, a new wave of “accesses” for many players in the community to have the opportunity to test the game.

There is no doubt that this was really exciting news for everyone, as many of us dreamed of having this limited test access before the game’s official release. In addition, Valve also introduced the new MM system, where we can have a global rank in the CS Premier Mode and particular ranks in each map.

There is no doubt that there are many changes brought by this August 31 update, and, best of all, many community members have the privilege of testing it.

First Impressions of CS2

The first thing we can notice when we start CS2 is that it has a more dynamic and, above all, more user-friendly interface. In addition, we can get everything we want from the game in a few options.

When configuring the video, we can also notice a space where we can see a preview of the changes we are making. This is unique because in CS:GO, we had to test all the changes within a game.

Now, we come to the moment of the games, where we can play in Deathmatch, Casual, and Matchmaking modes. As we mentioned, we can play two types of MM, the CS Premier Mode and the completely normal MM. However, we have notable differences between these two modes.

We start with the fact that in Premier Mode, an MR12 format is being used, which tells us that, to win, teams must reach 13 rounds instead of 16, as it was in CS:GO. As a result, this makes the games a bit more intense and, above all, faster.

The normal MM continues in the same way as in CS:GO, but with the difference that we can have a certain rank for each map; that is, if you are very good and win many games in Mirage, you can be Global Elite. Otherwise, if you don’t perform well and lose a lot in Anubis, you could be even Silver I on this map. This makes the games much more balanced, considering each map.

Graphics and maps

As we mentioned several times, CS2 is developed with the Source 2 engine, making the maps’ graphics much better. The lighting, blood mechanics, smoke grenades, shooting, and many more are amazing.

The maps also have some noticeable changes, which we can observe better if we play all of them. Likewise, everything is well-lit and, above all, well-set up.

On the other hand, we also have new shooting mechanics because although they are the same weapons, the recoil changes a little. So, we recommend practicing in DM before entering a competitive MM game.

Similarly, there is a big change in sound, as they are much more realistic. For example, it is now easier to determine where the bomb has been planted in Nuke, as the sound of the bomb tells you whether it is in A or B.

As well as this, we have noticed and enjoyed many changes in this new installment of Counter-Strike. However, we still expect many more changes to come to the game with the official release of the game.

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