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The BEST Anime Like Demon Slayer To Watch in 2024

If you liked the wildly popular Demon Slayer anime, you’re probably craving more shows that offer the same stylized action, imaginative fantasy worlds, and relatable characters. Even a perfect series such as Demon Slayer is hard to emulate, there are some excellent anime series that Kimetsu no Yaiba fans should definitely check out.

7. Hell’s Paradise 

In this dark action series, the most vicious criminals are sent to a mysterious island to seek an elixir of immortality, with executioners keeping them in line. Initially, the scarred protagonist Gabimaru has fused with a devil-like creature, giving him chainsaw-esque powers reminiscent of Demon Slayer’s supernatural swordsmen. Furthermore, Hell’s Paradise isn’t shy about its gory details as Gabimaru takes on the island’s demonic creatures. Ultimately, it’s a bloody but gripping tale of survival and redemption.

6. Chainsaw Man

Speaking of chainsaws, this frantic 2022 anime follows Denji, a downtrodden teen who merges with his pet devil Pochita, letting him sprout chainsaw appendages. He joins a devil-hunting government agency to seek revenge and personal growth amidst over-the-top, gory action sequences. A bit raunchy at times, Chainsaw Man is an outrageously creative and exciting ride with a surprisingly sympathetic antihero at its core.

5. Black Clover

In a world where magic is everything, Black Clover stars Asta, an endearingly loud underdog born with no powers. But he receives a rare grimoire containing anti-magic abilities, letting him join the Magic Knights alongside his prodigious rival Yuno. Their adventures battling nefarious cults and devil-worshipping kingdoms provide non-stop magic battles and an inspiring story about overcoming the odds through sheer willpower.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

For a grittier, more psychologically complex take on the monster genre, try Tokyo Ghoul. After brutal attack, Kaneki becomes half-ghoul, forced to eat humans to survive while hiding true nature. Morally grey story explores alienation, social divides as Kaneki struggles between human/ghoul selves. Tokyo Ghoul’s mature storytelling and ghoulish imagery will stay with you.

3. Drifters 

This cult classic brings famous historical figures like Nobunaga into a gritty fantasy war between human “Drifters” and monstrous “Ends” for the fate of the world. To begin with, delightfully crude and ultraviolent, Drifters is maximal fantasy action with minimum restraint. Additionally, isekai fans will enjoy transported warriors applying real tactics to magical battlefield.

2. Seraph of the End

After a virus wipes out most adults, vampires subjugate the remaining children, including bitterly vengeful Yuichiro and his vampire-turned friend Mikaela. This dark tale follows the former’s efforts to join the human resistance against bloodsuckers in incredibly dynamic action sequences. Seraph balances its gripping story of a lost family with intense fight choreography and a slightly more grounded post-apocalyptic setting.

1. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

From the Attack on Titan writer comes this zombie-themed thrill ride that was initially criticized for its Titan-like plot. But Kabaneri builds its own identity around its unique armored train setting and desperate survivor characters. With breathtaking action and high stakes melodrama, Kabaneri is an underrated gem for shonen fans.

While Demon Slayer’s visual/emotional blend is hard to top, these anime offer thrilling worlds until Tanjiro’s final season. Craving hyperviolent fantasy, undead horror, or shonen rivalries? An addictive action series awaits Kimetsu no Yaiba fans.

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