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Valorant Tributes Luie with New Player Card Design

Riot Games has paid tribute to the late professional player, Gizem “Luie” Harmankaya, with a special player card in Valorant. This gesture is a testament to the respect and recognition Luie earned for her contribution to the Valorant community and the game. The player card is set to be a free reward for all Valorant players following a game update. The update will include a pop-up message that encourages the community to remember and celebrate Luie’s life. This section will explore Luie’s legacy in Valorant, the player card, the community’s response, and previous tributes.

Luie’s Legacy in Valorant

Luie was a prominent figure in the Valorant Game Changers scene and competed for teams like Galaktiucos Sirencs, Vivace Vista, and Unknownpros Female. She was known for her passion and skill in Valorant, and her tragic passing in the Turkey earthquake of February 2023 was a significant loss to the community.

A Card of Remembrance

The player card is a heartfelt tribute to Luie. When players update and launch Valorant, they will see a pop-up message that includes the phrase “THIS ONE’S FOR LUIE” and “Celebrate the life of GIZEM ‘LUIE’ HARMANKAYA.” The card, expected to feature Luie’s name and player number, will be a unique and poignant addition to the game.

A Community United in Grief and Remembrance

Riot Games’ decision to honor Luie in this manner is a testament to their commitment to their players and the communities they build. It also reflects the shared sense of loss and solidarity that gamers feel when one of their own is lost under such tragic circumstances. The unveiling of this player card is more than just an addition to a popular esports title; it’s a symbol of unity and compassion within the gaming community.

Previous Tributes and Continued Remembrance

Before this player card, Riot Games had already paid tribute to Luie with a player title named “Gizem,” unlocked after completing five tiers of the Episode Six, Act Three battle pass. These gestures highlight the importance of acknowledging and remembering the significant roles individuals play in the esports world. The Valorant community has come together to remember Luie and her impact on the game. Her legacy will continue to inspire players and fans alike.

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