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The Most Popular VTubers in 2023 – Part 2

In the world of virtual influencers, VTubers have taken the Internet by storm. In this second part of our review, we delve into the channels of some of the most popular VTubers of 2023.

Houshou Marine

First on our list is Houshou Marine, a third-generation member of Hololive, a talent agency for VTubers. Marine’s channel is a treasure trove of hilarious content, filled with his fantastic adventure stories. Her unique personality and sense of humor have won the hearts of many, making her one of the most popular VTubers of 2023. Marine’s ability to weave a captivating story and her infectious laugh keep viewers coming back for more.


Next, we have Filian, a solo VTuber who has taken the virtual world by storm. Filian’s channel mixes gaming content, music covers, and engaging live streams. Her charming personality and impressive gaming skills have garnered her a huge following. Filian’s dedication to interacting with her followers and constant content updates have played a major role in her popularity.

Kizuna Aii

Kizuna Aii, the pioneer of VTubing, is still reigning supreme in 2023. Her channel mixes gaming, tech analysis, and live interactive broadcasts. Kizuna’s appeal lies in her upbeat personality and ability to engage viewers on various topics. Her channel is also known for its high-quality animations and innovative content, which sets her apart from other VTubers.


Nimu, a relatively new face on the VTubers scene, has quickly risen in popularity. Her channel focuses primarily on video games, with a special emphasis on indie games. Nimu’s relaxed and friendly attitude and her genuine passion for games have struck a chord with viewers. Her insightful game analysis and engaging playthroughs have earned her a spot among the most popular VTubers of 2023.

Gawr Gura

Finally, we have Gawr Gura, a Hololive’s English division member. Gura’s channel is a delightful mix of game broadcasts, songs, and casual chats. Her endearing personality and his unique shark-themed avatar have captivated a worldwide audience. Regardless of the content, Gura’s ability to entertain and engage her viewers has cemented her position as one of the top VTubers.

In conclusion, the popularity of these VTubers in 2023 can be attributed to their unique personalities, engaging content, and ability to make genuine connections with their viewers. Whether playing games, telling stories, or simply chatting, these VTubers have mastered entertaining their audiences in the virtual world.

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