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Rainbow Six Siege Tips and Tricks for BEGINNERS

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege presents new players with a tricky experience – but arming yourself with some knowledge will help you breach your way to victory in no time.

Here are 10 hacks to get started:

Learn the Maps and Cameras

map in Rainbow Six Siege

Beforehand, check out the maps

Learn common hiding spots, objective locations, flanking routes, and most importantly – camera placements. 

Knowing camera placements will give you an edge on offense and defense.

Your Eyes and Ears

Rainbow Six Siege with friends

Drones, which are essential for both sides, should be employed to sneak into rooms, spot enemy positions, and prepare your attack or defense accordingly. 

Remember: protecting your drone is crucial because a protected drone is a valuable asset – don’t let enemies destroy it!

Play the Objective (Always!)

Whether attacking or defending, always keep an eye on the goal. 

For attackers, that means planting the bomb or holding the hostage. 

For defenders, it means stopping those objectives. 

Don’t get caught up in chasing kills and forget what matters most.

Movement Matters

Rainbow Six Siege game

Instead of sprinting everywhere, stand, crouch or walk to make your movements quieter and less predictable. 

Doing so will make you a harder target to hit and give you the advantage of surprise.

Breach Smartly

Rainbow Six Siege

While breaching walls can prove a potent strategy, use breaching charges strategically. 

Blowing a hole in the wrong place can expose you or hinder your team’s plan.

Master the Basics

Before diving into online matches, learn the basics. 

First, understand the different operators and their specific gadgets and weapons

Then, use the Training Grounds to practice aiming, controlling recoil, and using gadgets properly.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Rainbow Six Siege embrace weakness

After each match, analyze your gameplay. 

Watch the killcams to see how enemies eliminated you, and identify areas for improvement. 

Learn from these experiences and tweak your strategies and tactics accordingly.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Works

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a team game. 

Communicate effectively with your teammates, plan attacks and defenses together, and revive teammates when possible. 

Remember, a strong team wins.

Slow Start Steady

Do not rush into engagements. Instead, slow down, time your moves carefully, and use cover to your advantage. 

Aim for controlled bursts rather than spraying bullets.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Rainbow Six Siege character

Rainbow Six Siege has a tough learning curve so don’t lose your hope because of your losses.

Work hard, consider mistakes as lessons to learn and you will improve with practice.

You ought to now be a fantastic Rainbow Six Siege player thanks to these secrets and hacks.

But, as they say: Keep practicing and you’ll crush the siege!

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