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GUIDE | The best weapons in Apex Legends

In the fast-paced battle royale universe of Apex Legends, your survival can often depend on the weapon in your hands. As a high-stakes survival game with various firearms, choosing the right weaponry is key to challenge your opponents and emerge victorious effectively. Each weapon has its characteristics and abilities, so a good knowledge of each is vital for aspiring champions. This comprehensive list looks at some of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends to keep you in the game and ahead of the competition.

R-99 Submachine Rifle

A crowd favorite is the R-99 Submachine Rifle. With an outstanding rate of fire and ultra-lightweight design, the R-99 is one of the fastest weapons in the game. It is especially formidable in melee when equipped with high-capacity magazines and a good barrel. Its agile nature and high damage output make it a reliable choice when the action is up close and personal.

Volt submachine gun

Next is the Volt submachine gun, the first energy-based SMG, added in Season 6. The Volt is an excellent choice because of its low recoil and high damage output. Its projectiles have no bullet drop, meaning they hit targets instantly, offering a significant advantage over traditional bullet-based weapons.

R-301 Carbine Rifle

The R-301 carbine is another influential weapon. It combines power and reliability in a lightweight package. Its versatility makes it a powerful tool in most medium-range combat, with impressive accuracy, rate of fire, and damage. In addition, its relatively common ammunition (light bullets) adds to its appeal.

EVA-8 Shotgun

The EVA-8 shotgun is a semi-automatic weapon that excels in close combat. Its rapid-fire capability, high damage dispersion, and reloading speed make it perfect for fast-paced encounters. In addition, with the dual-pulse firing system, the EVA-8 can even fire twice in a row, increasing its destructive capability.

Devotion Light Machine Gun

The Devotion light machine gun is an energy-filled weapon that was initially only available in supply drops but can now be found in general loot. It uses energy ammunition and is unique in that its rate of fire increases the longer it is fired. Combined with a large ammunition capacity, the Devotion can fire relentlessly, making it an intimidating weapon in the right hands.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

The Kraber .50-Cal sniper rifle is a unique supply weapon that delivers devastating damage. This high-caliber bolt-action rifle creates terrifying destruction on an unsuspecting enemy with its incredible ability to take down opponents with a single well-placed shot. One shot to the head from this beast can knock out even the beefiest legends in the game. Undoubtedly, the Kraber is a game changer if you have a precise aim.

Flatline Rifle

Last but not least, the Flatline Rifle is a heavy-ammunition assault rifle that deals powerful damage with every shot. Its basic 20-round magazine can be expanded to 30 rounds with a heavy magazine attachment. Although it has a slightly slower rate of fire, its high damage on impact and unique horizontal recoil pattern make it extremely effective in medium-range combat. Offering a more manageable recoil, the Flatline can be a powerful component in the right hands.

In conclusion, your choice of weapon in Apex Legends plays a pivotal role in how you play and the strategy you must adapt. Knowing the ins and outs of these rifles, shotguns, and SMGs will give you a significant advantage in high-stakes combat against rival squads. Whatever your play style or tactical approach, Apex Legends offers you a solid selection of weapons to make every match unique and exciting.

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