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BetBoom Dacha: Group Stage is Over – 1v1 TIE BREAKERS

BetBoom Dacha Tournament Dubai

The group stage at BetBoom Dacha Dubai tournament is over after five thrilling days of Dota 2 action. Out of 12 teams, eight advance to the Playoffs, while four face elimination. Xtreme Gaming dominated their group, securing the top spot with just two losses. On the other hand, Gaimin Gladiators faced unexpected challenges in their group. With the stage now set for the Playoffs, the focus shifts to the individual battles, promising more excitement at BetBoom Dacha Dubai.

Group A – Everything’s Allowed

Group A was a bloodbath, for real. Gaimin Gladiators, LGD Gaming, Team Falcons, and Team Liquid find themselves deadlocked with a 6W-4L score each. So, a tiebreaker needs to decide which team is positioned where, as this is important for the following part of the tournament.

GroupA BetBoom Dacha

Those Who Didn’t Make it: Aurora and Virtus.pro

Aurora and Virtus.pro bid farewell to BetBoom Dacha Dubai. They were unable to secure a single series win and finished with a 3W-7L record. VP’s coach, Sergei “G” Bragin, expressed mixed feelings about their performance, telling the public that VP needs to regroup for the upcoming DreamLeague S22.

Team Falcons – Cinderella Story?

Team Falcons, emerging from the new MENA region, defied expectations in Group A. Despite initial doubts about their capabilities, they matched the 6W-4L score of more established teams, even clinching a series win against Gaimin Gladiators. The Falcons’ unconventional strategies have earned them a Playoff spot, challenging stereotypes about the MENA region’s competitive strength.

Group B – As Expacted

In Group B at BetBoom Dacha Dubai, the skill gap among teams was evident, so no surprises here. Xtreme Gaming, guided by Dota 2 veteran Wang “Ame” Chunyu, showcased a marked improvement, setting the stage for a strong Playoff run. They managed to win 3 matches and get two ties versus Team Spirit and Nouns. This Chinese team surely is taking the center light on the sage at this tournament.

Group B BetBoom Dacha

Team Spirit: Calculated Outcome

Team Spirit, known for their tournament resilience, gears up for the Playoffs, particularly anticipating a clash with Xtreme Gaming. On the other hand, Azure Ray added an unexpected twist by securing a decisive 2-0 victory against BetBoom Team, eliminating any chance of a tie-breaker. The question now is whether Azure Ray can replicate their past success in ESL One Kuala Lumpur against tough playoff contenders like Team Spirit and Xtreme Gaming.

Eliminated Teams: Nouns and OG are OUT

Nouns and OG faced elimination in Group B due to their struggles to keep pace. Despite earlier victories, both teams couldn’t maintain momentum, concluding the group stage with a 3W-7L record. Their early departure underscores the fierce competition in Group B, prompting Nouns and OG to reassess and prepare for future challenges.

What’s Up Next?

Next, a tiebreaker series will start on Feb. 9th to settle the score in Group A. First, we’ll see how Nisha goes against Quinn from GG. Some would say that this is an easy matchup for Nisha, as he’s the most talented mid 1v1 player.

After their clash, we’re set for Setsu from LGD against Malr1ne from Team Falcons; this is definitely going to be awesome to watch!

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