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New Fallout TV series trailer shows love for the game

Excitement is building among fans of the Fallout franchise as Amazon Prime Video prepares to release the first episode of its series adaptation in just over a month. Building anticipation, a new trailer has been dropped, setting the stage for a gripping narrative filled with familiar elements from the beloved video game series.

Set against the backdrop of a world devastated by nuclear war in 2077, the series promises to explore the remnants of civilization. Within this harsh post-apocalyptic environment, survivors emerge from various Vaults—bolt holes from pre-war times—each attempting to reclaim and repopulate the wasteland. The series will detail the journey of the main character, Lucy, as she leaves the safety of Vault 33 and embarks on a perilous quest through the ruins of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Facing off against looters, rogue robots, and mutated creatures, Lucy’s adventure is a testament to the enduring human spirit in a world where the line between the nostalgic promise of nuclear utopia and its grim reality is starkly drawn.

Fallout Series Evolution

  • Initial Release: The Fallout series began in 1997, developed by Black Isle Studios.
  • Setting: A post-nuclear war California serves as the backdrop, showcasing a United States devastated by nuclear conflict.

Game Mechanics:

  • The original gameplay involved a survivor navigating a vast open-world to complete various quests.
  • The second installment maintained this explorative approach.


  • A significant shift occurred with the 2008 launch of Fallout 3, transitioning from top-down to a first- and third-person perspective.

Aesthetic & Technology:

  • The series is renowned for its unique blend of 1950s Americana with futuristic weaponry like lasers and plasma guns.

Latest Developments:

  • The Fallout series continues to innovate, with the most recent installment released in 2018.

Upcoming Release:

  • Fans can anticipate the next installment’s premiere on Amazon Prime on April 12.
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