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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Finally Gets New Game+ 6 Months After The Game Came Out

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, while personally my Game of the Year, didn’t really leave a lasting impression in the gaming industry as a whole. After being nominated for so many awards at The Game Awards, it would have been a treat to see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 win at least something at The Game Awards, right? Well, that didn’t happen.

In fact, Baldur’s Gate 3 swept up every award not just in The Game Awards, but in other game awards as well. It is, after all, quite possibly the best video game that has ever come out in recent years. A complete experience from the get go with new content being added. But still, it was a heartbreaking sight to see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 not get any wins that night.

But still, the game is still fantastic to play. However, it is missing some key features that should have been present in the game at launch. No New Game +, no ability to switch the time of day, no ability to switch the color of the tendril, and more. Which is weird, because some of these features were present in the first game (albeit, they were added after the initial launch).

So fans are rightly confused as to why the most basic features that can extend a games playtime isn’t available at from the beginning. After all, Insomniac should have known that fans of the game would be replaying the game over and over again with different suits, just so they can experience watching the cutscenes with them (I would, at least).

But hey! At least we got an announcement that we are finally getting New Game +! Which will come out in March 7… almost 6 months from the release of the game and 6 months from the first anniversary.

It’s Not Just New Game + That’s Coming

Some have wondered why the game is taking so long to get New Game + added into the game. Many assumed that since they have added it before, they can easily add it as well, right? Well, there might be a reason as to why the New Game + update is taking so long to be released.

In Insomniac’s tweet, they announced that New Game + will be arriving in the game on March 7, which is just a month from now. They have stated that they are adding highly requested features that fans have been asking for. But here’s the kicker: they not only mentioned New Game +, they also mentioned new suits as well.

This could be the reason why Insomniac took so long to add New Game + to the game, because they wanted to add more that isn’t just the New Game + mode. Adding more suits that were highly requested can take time, as Insomniac needs to comb through the thousands and thousands of suit requests to pick out the ones that people are requesting.

On top of that, they also teased more features that will be included in the update, which they will reveal more soon as release comes near. So with that in mind, keep an eye out for their future update that will reveal more of what’s coming.

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