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Is Marvel Rivals Going To Be Good? | GAME REVIEW

There’s a new Marvel game coming out that people are buzzing about. Marvel Rivals is turning out to be an action-packed, player vs. player shooter set in the Marvel universe we know and love.

Imagine – you could walk into the shoes (or suits) of your favorite superheroes and give a smackdown to opponents. Are you ready?

What’s Under the Hood?

The thing that makes Marvel Rivals stand out is its teamwork and superhero synergy. You will need to pair your character’s special skills with your teammates’ to unleash jaw-dropping combo Team-Ups.

We mean Hulk blaring Iron Man’s lasers or Rocket Raccoon snatching a ride on Groot’s shoulders – like in the movies! The ever-changing environments also promise to shake up your strategies mid-combat.

An A-List Cast

Launching with 16 heroes including Black Panther, Storm, Spider-Man, Loki, and Magneto. However, fret not – NetEase Games has promised to add more characters to the playable roster every season.

It centers all around the evil Doctor Doom(s) who creates a multiverse crisis that forces villains and heroes to put aside their differences. Hey, we will take Spidey and the X-Men on the same side in case it really works!

Free-to-Play, But…

And the very best part – Marvel Rivals is totally free to play once it launches on PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can definitely dive in for free.

But we all know how these games expect microtransactions for cosmetics, battle passes, premium currencies, and the like. But if you are a serious player, however, you may well scoop some free in-game cash too.

The Devil’s in the Details

While the concept sounds amazing on paper, we’ve been burned by superhero games before. Some skeptics are concerned about the oversaturation of both Marvel titles and hero shooters in general. 

Will Marvel Rivals have enough x-factors to stand out? The team-up abilities certainly pique our interest, but we’ll have to go hands-on to know for sure.

The Verdict

All in all, Marvel Rivals is shaping up to be a thrilling bout of superhuman mayhem that could win over gamers and Marvel diehards alike. Between the stellar character roster, dynamic gameplay, and accessible free-to-play model, it certainly ticks a lot of boxes. 

Is it revolutionary? Maybe not. But if NetEase Games can stick the landing, we’ll be experiencing a heroic gaming experience indeed. The closed alpha kicks off in May 2024, so suit up!

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