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Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Did Gojo Lose To Sukuna?

The epic fight between the supposedly invincible Satoru Gojo and the cursed spirit Sukuna left fans of hit manga & anime series Jujutsu Kaisen groaning. Viewed as the greatest sorcerer in the Jujutsu community, Gojo was overcome by Sukuna and many pondered exactly how this may have occurred. But one particular fan theory hints that Gojo’s loss was a component of a master plan to ultimately defeat Sukuna and the evil Kajaku. We finally explore this fascinating concept in detail.

The Crux of the Theory

    • Gojo purposely let Sukuna’s last hit hit him, knowing its power.
    • He aimed to make Kajaku and Sukuna lose their guard as they felt the strongest threat vanished.
    • This will enable Gojo’s companions – such as Yuji Itadori and Hiromi Higuruma – to launch an unexpected attack.

The Evidence

Gojo’s Power To See Anything As A Person With The 6 Eyes.
Gojo can see everything close to him at a level beyond the creativity of ordinary individuals. It really is odd he did not observe Sukuna’s world-shattering slash when a weakened character like Kashimo avoided it.

Gojo’s Hands Were Tied
Gojo could not merely kill Sukuna simply because he’d also eliminate Megumi Fushiguro whose life is directly tied to Sukuna’s. This restriction meant Gojo must develop a compromise to weaken Sukuna without totally eliminating him.

Destroying Mahoraga’s Advantage
In the duel, Gojo smashed Mahoraga and stopped Sukuna from mastering any brand new methods or capabilities. This stopped Sukuna from developing further, therefore getting ready for a potential attack.

Reducing Kenjaku’s Guard
Gojo’s apparent demise prompted the primary antagonist, Kenjaku, to lower his guard in belief the greatest barrier was removed. This particular overconfidence inevitably resulted in Kenjaku dying (as detailed in subsequent chapters).

The Potential Payoff

The reward might be big in case Gojo’s loss was a calculated move. With Sukuna back in his incarnation and Kenjaku extremely overconfident, Gojo’s enemies have their opportunity to attack :

    • Yuji Itadori and Hiromi Higuruma have joined the fray, and may use their formidable strategies against an occupied Sukuna.
    • Higuruma might make Sukuna powerless with his Domain Expansion, Deadly Sentencing.
    • Yuji’s awakened Cursed Technique could aid in rescuing Megumi and potentially absorbing a portion of Sukuna’s soul for energy.

The Implications

In case this particular fan theory is correct, it will verify Gojo’s genius status as a strategic wizard and result in an epic end to the Jujutsu Kaisen saga. Gojo’s apparent sacrifice will permit his allies to deliver a blow for their strong opponents, potentially bringing him back and ending the long standing conflict.

While the theory remains speculation, it offers a compelling take on Gojo’s loss against Sukuna and fleshes out the complex story. Fans await developments to either confirm or even oppose this fascinating theory.

The Future of Jujutsu Kaisen

In case the fan theory is correct, it will verify Gojo’s genius status as a strategic wizard. It will result in an epic end to Jujutsu Kaisen saga. Gojo’s apparent sacrifice will permit allies to deliver blows against strong opponents. It has potential to bring Gojo back and end long-standing conflict.

    • The resulting void created by Sukuna’s demise might awaken new cursed spirits competing for power and stabbing the coming generation of sorcerers.
    • Gojo’s return might mark a period of regeneration and restructuring of Jujutsu culture, addressing lingering issues and preparing for new disasters.
    • Free of his connections to Sukuna, Megumi Fushiguro might go back to leadership of the Zen’in clan as the brand new heir.
    • Characters like Yuji Itadori and Yuta Okkotsu would rise to represent the brand new foundations of Jujutsu community, each battling against curses in their very own distinctive

Whatever path Jujutsu Kaisen takes, one thing is sure: The series kept viewers guessing with its complicated arc, layered characters and high stakes battles. While the present arc ends, fans throughout the planet are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this spagyric tale of sorcerers and cursed beings.

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