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Isonzo Receives New Time-Limited Mode and Content Updates

Isonzo Ascent Key Art

BlackMill Games, the developers of the WW1 Game Series, have released a significant update for their Italian Front combat game, Isonzo. This update includes a unique free game mode called “Ascent,” a range of quality-of-life improvements for console versions, and a new DLC pack.

Ascent is a temporary game mode offering a fresh perspective on World War I combat. This mode focuses on mountain warfare, challenging players to scale treacherous cliffs with a pickaxe while under enemy fire. Ascent matches will pit 32 players against each other, with one team defending the mountain position and the other attempting a daring climb to capture it. This mode will be available for a limited time, ending on April 24th.

Alongside the Ascent mode, the new Altitude Units Pack DLC enhances immersion with thematically appropriate gear. This pack includes historically inspired clothing suited for the harsh conditions of mountain warfare: warm jackets, boots, ski uniforms, as well as new headgear, facial hair options, goggles, and more for both Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces.

Meanwhile, console versions of Isonzo have received substantial improvements with this patch.  The focus was on quality-of-life enhancements and the implementation of a much-requested feature – voice chat. For the first time in the series, PlayStation and Xbox players can now communicate directly, improving coordination and teamwork within the console player base.

Players can access all of the new content in Isonzo on Steam, PlayStation 4 / 5, Xbox Series S / X, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. BlackMill Games is also offering the base game, its editions, and DLCs at up to 67 percent off until April 17, bringing the base game price down from $29.99 to $9.89 (or equivalent).

The ultimate edition, which contains all previously released paid DLC content into one package, is currently available on Steam and will arrive on consoles at a later date. 

About Isonzo

World War One expands to the mountains of the Italian Front – beautiful but deadly in equal measure. Take part in key offensives of the Great War, from the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo to the Strafexpedition, and lead your team to victory among the scenic landscapes and peaks of Northern Italy.

Isonzo is a realistic tactical multiplayer FPS crafted by BlackMill Games, known for their critically acclaimed authentic WW1 wargames such as Verdun and Tannenberg. Immerse yourself in faithful recreations of historical battles with intense 48-player matches, testing your tactical skills and mastery of Alpine warfare.

Decide your path to victory: whether you’re leading the offensive with grenades or using mountain trails to flank enemy positions, you have options. Dive into combat or take a supporting role, cutting barbed wire and crewing heavy machine guns and mortars. Thanks to a unique flare gun system, mark targets for artillery strikes or biplane flybys before charging in to finish the job at close quarters with bayonets or trench clubs.

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