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Everything You Need to Know About Diablo 4 S4 Patch Notes

The highly anticipated 1.3.5 Patch for Diablo 4 has arrived, bringing exciting visual enhancements and bug fixes. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the key updates, ensuring you’re prepared to conquer the horrors of Hell with style.

Ray Tracing: Embrace the Essence of Realism

Possibly the biggest change is the inclusion of ray tracing across platforms. Ray tracing has completely remodeled the shadows in Sanctuary. 

Ray tracing technology brings the images in the game alive and blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. The Sun now gives shadows a realistic look, softening edges and blending gradients to mimic natural light. Further away from the source, the shadows soften, adding to the immersion.

Ambient Occlusion: Embracing the Shadows

Ambient Occlusion was implemented in Diablo IV but is improved upon in this patch. 

The revamped Ambient Occlusion mode accurately predicts how much surrounding objects block light, resulting in more realistic shadows and in general improving the game’s atmospheric feel.

Contact Shadows: Bringing Characters to Life

Previously, Contact Shadows were only visible for player characters, but the 1.3.5 Patch extends this feature to NPCs and Monsters as well. 

At the highest graphics settings, you’ll witness shadows cast by the feet of every character, adding an extra layer of realism to your adventures.

Graphics Settings and Enabling Visual Enhancements

For PC users, access the in-game Options menu and navigate to the Performance section to manually enable these visual improvements. 

Consult the Diablo IV System Requirements article for information on compatible graphics cards.

Console players can activate Enhanced Visuals by selecting Options, then Graphics, and finally Performance. This setting locks the frame rate at 30 FPS but delivers improved ray tracing visuals, enhanced textures, and more realistic shadows and reflections.

Bask in the Glow of NVIDIA GeForce

NVIDIA GeForce RTX users can leverage DLSS 3 Frame Generation and DLSS 2’s Super Resolution technology to maximize performance while enjoying ray tracing. 

NVIDIA Reflex further enhances the experience with lower system latency for ultra-responsive gameplay at high points.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

diablo 4 Explore the Open World Thoroughly

In addition to the visual enhancements, the 1.3.5 Patch addresses several bugs, including issues with Portal cosmetics, key bindings, elite spawns, and headstone cosmetics in the Wardrobe. Various performance, stability, and visual improvements have also been implemented.

Embrace the Hellish Splendor

With the arrival of Patch 1.3.5, Diablo IV unveils a visual feast for your senses! Witness Sanctuary in a whole new light thanks to breathtaking ray tracing. 

You will be captivated by the game’s stunning visuals as you conquer the forces of evil with unparalleled immersion and realism.

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