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Best Agents for Every Role to Play on Bind – Valorant Guide

Bind has been a very tricky map to play in Valorant. It is considered one of the OG maps since it was available to play from day one. Over the years, Bind has seen many changes, which include the very recent updates to  “A Bath.” Bind might be one of the maps that has seen the most variety of agents enter its pool. Sentinels, the NA org, all once featured Tenz on Yoru for this map, which was considered a shocking pick at that time. Tenz somehow put in a masterclass and justified his agent pick. Keeping all of this in mind, today, we take a look at the best agents for every role to be played on the map, Bind.

There are a few aspects of Bind that players have to keep in mind before agent selection. Bind is the only map that features teleports. Playing around these teleports contributes to a significant part of the strategies, especially while attacking. While attacking, players can fully focus on B side and call for late rotates to A site if needed. Apart from the teleports, places like Hookah/window in B site and Lamps/u-hall in A site need special attention as they are the most important chokepoints of the map.

Keeping all of this in mind, today, we take a look at the best agents for every role to be played on the map, Bind.

Duelists: Jett and Raze would be the best options as duelists for Bind. All over the map, you can find boxes stacked up, and these agents allow players to get on top of them. Playing on these boxes allows for off-angles, catching your opponents off guard. Raze has her explosives that can single-handedly hold Hookah or Lamps. Jett and Raze are the best agents to master as duelists for Bind.

Controller: For controllers, I would pick Brimstone and Omen. Astra is a good agent as well, but I’ve avoided her because of her high skill ceiling, which might not be suitable for newer players. Brimstone is relatively easy to play with, and his abilities can be abused in B site. His molly is long enough for easy team rotations. Omen, at the same time, might be a better choice because of his teleportation and flashing abilities. Omen also has the option to get on top of the boxes like previously mentioned, and that’s an added bonus to pick him.

Initiator: Skye and Yoru both have flashes and utilities made perfectly for Bind. With Yoru’s knife, you can get easy info about any player who’s hiding inside Hookah. Hookah is one place that campers completely dominate, and getting early information helps you weed out those players. Skye’s flash alone can provide information on players nearby. Learn the pop flash technique, and this is probably the fastest way to check for players. Use her Trailblazer ability to clear B long both while defending and attacking for early information.

Sentinels: Yes, I know Sage heals, Sage resurrects, Sage does this, Sage does that. The sad truth, though, is that Cypher and Killjoy are at another level on this map. Both these agents can completely hold off B site while defending. Cypher is able to place his camera in really unique places all over Bind. The same goes for Killjoy and her alarm bots. Though Sage has a wall that seems good enough, both Cypher and Killjoy bring bigger value as sentinels.


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