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The BEST Valorant Crosshair Codes from Pro Players

Do you want to advance your Valorant skills even further? If so, be sure to look out for the crosshair settings favored by professional gamers. These micro-tuned configurations are tuned for accuracy and shooting precision to give you the edge on the battlefield.

Codes for Pro Player Crosshairs Unveiled

Without further ado, let’s dive into the crosshair codes of some of Valorant’s top pro players from 2024:

    • Tenz: 0; s; 1; P; c; 5; h; 0; m; 1; 0l; 4; 0o; 2; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1b; 0; S; c; 4; o; 1
    • f0rsakeN: 0; P; o; 1; f; 0; 0t; 1; 0l; 1; 0o; 4; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1t; 1; 1l; 1; 1o; 3; 1a; 0; 1m; 0; 1f; 0
    • Sacy: 0; P; h; 0; f; 0; 0t; 1; 0l; 4; 0o; 1; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1t; 3; 1o; 2; 1a; 1; 1m; 0; 1f; 0
    • yay: 0; P; h; 0; f; 0; 0l; 4; 0o; 0; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1b; 0
    • ScreaM: 0; P; c; 5; o; 0.286; d; 1; f; 0; 0t; 0; 0l; 0; 0o; 0; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1b; 0
    • Dep: 0; s; 1; P; o; 0.1; f; 0; s; 0; 0t; 1; 0l; 2; 0o; 1; 0a; 1; 0f; 0; 1b; 0

How to Copy Crosshair Codes

You can easily simulate the crosshair settings of your favorite pro players by clicking here. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Valorant and go to the in-game settings menu (a gear icon).
  2. Find the “Crosshair” tab and click.
  3. Under “Copy/Paste Crosshair,” there are 2 “Export” and “Import” boxes. Copy and paste the code you would like in the list above and remove any code currently in the “Import” box.
  4. Click “Import” and your crosshair will adapt to the pro player’s settings.

Note that these crosshair codes are only part of the puzzle. Professional players also tweak mouse sensitivity, resolution, and other settings to match their specific preferences and hardware configurations. Test out various layouts to get the right match for your playstyle.

Adopt the Pro Mentality

By following the crosshair settings of the best Valorant pros, you’re optimizing your aim and getting a mental edge. These players have put in hours refining their setups and their crosshair choices are a combination of thought and practical experience.

Recall that crosshair customization is important, but it’s only one part of becoming a better Valorant player. Practice hard, make wise choices, and also understand the mechanics of the game are equally as vital to your rise to the top.


In Valorant esports, every advantage counts in the constantly evolving world of esports. By leveraging these Valorant crosshair codes used by the game’s elite professionals, you can take a significant step towards improving your aim and overall shooting prowess.

Whether you are a well-used pro or maybe a relative newcomer to the genre these settings are a key to unlocking your potential. So what are you waiting for? Explore pro-player crosshair configurations and how they can improve your Valorant experience.

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