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Valorant’s Season 8 Act 2 Is All About Premiere Beta!

Valorant has been making a comeback since the start of the 2024 VCT series. With regional LAN tournaments hosted around the globe, the start of 2024 has been optimistic. The whole of February was buzzing with all major teams setting up their rosters and fighting it out for qualification. The NA giant Sentinels, who boast the biggest fan base globally, won their regional qualifiers to set Twitch on fire. All this attributes to the importance of tournaments in Valorant, and the new act might just be the answer to all of Valorant’s prior problems.

Premiere beta takes charge in Valorant’s Season 8 Act 2

No new changes with regards to agents and maps have been announced for the start of Act 2. This start of this act solely focuses on a streamlined premiere beta experience. Premiere Beta allows Valorant teams to qualify and compete for a spot in the VCT. Previous editions of this mode were test modes, and Riot was keeping a close eye on how these modes fared. The majority of the troubles faced by players were time deadlines for registering a roster. Until season 8,  Riot wanted teams for each region within a specific time, and that caused a lot of confusion amongst players.

For Act 2, enrollment is no longer a requirement. Teams can squad up just before the first match of the tournament and play right away. Previously, each region had a cut-off time for enrollment, and that limited the number of teams that participated. Now teams can switch regions if needed and queue straight up for the first match once the tournament starts. Rumors suggest that many casual players and streamers are making a Valorant comeback to participate in tournaments with their friends.

Rematch Protection for Valorant premiere beta introduced in Act 2.

The annoying rematch issues with premiere beta have also been addressed. Riot has introduced rematch protection in Act 2 to avoid playing the same team again. This will not be applicable for longer queue times. With the number of players logging into Valorant these days, it’s highly unlikely players would face longer queue times like previous editions of the tournament.

Scheduling matches is based on the average team ranking, considering any ranks teams may comprise, and factoring in the average rank of the entire team. All these changes have come together for the launch of Act 2, and competitive Valorant has never been so bright.

No Map rotation, New controller confirmed for mid-Act 2.

Fracture won’t be making a comeback, as Riot has confirmed that there will be no changes to the map pool. There are no changes to any agents, map, and gameplay for the start of Act 2. Mid act 2,  a new controller will be unveiled during the Madrid Masters final. The agent is said to have duelist traits while being able to smoke for the team. It’ll be really interesting to see how this agent plays out in Valorant.

For skin enthusiasts, a new bundle along with a new battle pass is up for grabs in Act 2. For anyone investing in a bundle, make sure to buy the battle pass for those radiant points. Buying radiant points off the store is considered an eternal sin in Valorant.


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