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5 things we want to see in the GTA 6 trailer

Some slogans are trite, but when they are so appropriate, you have to use them. The ball is finally in the church: the first trailer for the new Grand Theft Auto is coming. Next month is just around the corner, so it’s time to list the wishes for the first GTA 6 trailer.

1. Setting

Where else can you kick off a GTA 6 trailer but with the setting? It is a question that the marketing department of Rockstar Games is probably wondering as well, because it is perhaps the element that fans of Grand Theft Auto are most curious about. From last year’s leaked footage, we secretly already know a little bit, of course.

Still, there is a magical element to Rockstar Games trailers once they launch. In less than a minute, they manage to perfectly warm up the viewer to the location every time. You almost taste the game world in which you will experience countless adventures and that is exactly what the GTA 6 trailer is supposed to do.

2. Who are we going to play as?

Ever since we saw the credits of Grand Theft Auto V, we’ve been wondering who will play the lead role in the next installment. After ten years of waiting, we still don’t officially have the answer to that question. In the first GTA 6 trailer, we hope to get one or at least an indication.

Thus, Michael addressed the viewer as we saw the first images of Los Santos, painting a picture of the setting and showing his face once. Remarkably, at the time we saw nothing of Franklin and Trevor, the other two main characters of that title. If Rockstar now once again chooses to keep some elements secret that way, we would obviously have no problem with that.

3. Release date

When finally the trailer is announced of perhaps the most anticipated game of all time, you are probably hoping for a release date in the trailer. Of course, we would also love to see the release date for the game. Still, it is more of a hopeful dream than a realistic expectation than what we should actually expect. After all, we didn’t get one with the first trailer for the previous installment either (nor did we get one with the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2).

4. GTA Online

A big question also hanging over Grand Theft Auto VI is how GTA Online will be a part of the game. It is GTA V’s multiplayer that has given the game such a long shelf life. The question, then, is how the online aspect of the next GTA will be implemented.

While we don’t expect many answers when it comes to how GTA Online will become part of the next Grand Theft Auto, a little hint would be nice. Rumors are already flying around about the single player and multiplayer being more closely intertwined. If so, we’d love to hear about it through the first trailer in December.

5. Short, but powerful

The last wish we have for the GTA 6 trailer is that it be short, but powerful. Less is more in this case and that first trailer does not need to be long. Rockstar Games itself knows this very well, because with more than 190 million copies of the previous game sold, it is clear that the new title is selling well.

Therefore, the trailer does not need to be longer than a minute and a half from us. GTA V’s original trailer was even less than ninety seconds long, but managed to set the tone well in it. That it took almost two years before the game was released didn’t matter to many.

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