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Helldivers 2 How Medals Unlock All Rewards: A Complete Guide

In the dynamic world of “Helldivers 2,” a meticulous player has taken the initiative to calculate the total number of medals required to unlock the game’s full suite of items. Medals serve as the key currency in “Helldivers 2,” allowing players to access a diverse range of equipment and apparel. These medals are obtainable through successful mission completions and in-game discoveries, standing as a cornerstone of the game’s unlocking mechanism.

“Helldivers 2” implements a distinctive system to maintain player engagement, using Warbonds to dictate the pace of progress. Players have the option to advance through either the complimentary Warbond or the premium one purchasable with real currency. With the diligent efforts of this community member, it’s now clear that a total of 2,701 medals are necessary to procure every available item in the game, delineating the path for those aiming to fully experience what “Helldivers 2” has to offer.

Unlocking the Full Arsenal in Helldivers 2

To obtain all of Helldivers 2’s unlockable content, players need a total of 2,701 medals. These medals can be earned in two ways; 2,015 are available through the standard, cost-free pass, while an additional 686 can be acquired by purchasing the game’s premium pass.

Medal Breakdown:

  • Free Pass: 2,015 medals
  • Premium Pass: 686 medals

Helldivers 2 adopts a Warbond progression system that is recognized among enthusiasts of games with comparable multiplayer structures. This progression mechanism entails achieving various objectives and challenges for rewards. Unlike many of its peers, Helldivers 2 continually updates with new items, without adhering to the typical seasonal content rotation.

The game showcases an extensive assortment of helmets and chest plates, incentivizing players to invest time in completing the required challenges for each piece. With the gameplay set against the backdrop of a vast galactic conflict, teams of up to four players unite to combat a host of alien and robotic adversaries across multiple environments, from verdant jungles to barren deserts.

Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios AB and published by Sony, Helldivers 2 is a sequel to the successful 2015 release, Helldivers. This next installment has already surpassed the high expectations by both the developer and the publisher, evidenced by its strong performance and a Metascore of 83. It is available for play on PC and PS5 since its release on February 8, 2024.

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