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Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is MISSING Something

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection coming March 14

Brace yourselves, troopers! The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection will hyperspace jump onto our screens on March 14th, and it’s stirring a rebellion of mixed emotions among fans. 

While many anticipate revisiting the beloved battlefields and nostalgic charm of the original games, the glaring absence of a crucial feature – crossplay functionality – casts a shadow over the experience for some.

A Galaxy Divided by Platforms

With stunning 4K visuals and the thrill of reliving classic battles like Hoth and Geonosis, the players of the game complain that they can’t team up across platforms, which they look forward to.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as online forums like Reddit and Discord, brim with criticism and discussions complaining about their lack of cross-play. 

Reasons Behind the Omission

Despite multiple requests from fans for an explanation everywhere in the online community, Aspyr, the development firm behind the collection, remained silent and has not revealed the reasons behind its absence of crossplay.

On the bright side, the cross-generation multiplayer on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S allows you to unite and take over the battlefield as a team.

Concerns Beyond Crossplay

Although the main topic of discussion in the online gaming community is the absence of crossplay, some users have raised additional concerns regarding the game features and updates. 

Based on the teasers and updates, there seems to be a lack of fresh content beyond visual enhancements and possible balancing issues, especially with the addition of customization options that weren’t previously available.

Beyond the Polish

The visual overhaul of the game is truly undeniable, yet some fans argue that the collection goes a little beyond making it more aesthetically pleasing than the important details.

The fans desire new game modes, maps, or even a campaign mode to feel like they are truly stepping back into the Star Wars universe, not visiting something familiar.

A Glimpse of Hope, But Questions Remain

Despite the absence of crossplay and other concerns, the Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection still holds appeal for fans yearning to revisit the classic gameplay and iconic locations from the franchise. 

Aspyr’s decision’s impact on the game’s future and community remains unclear. Only time will tell if it can bring the galaxy together or leave players feeling even more estranged than the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

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