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S.O.L Search of Light Set to Bring Unique Adventure to PC and Consoles

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Publisher Firenut Games has recently announced a partnership with developer Trigger the Monster to publish S.O.L Search of Light in late spring 2024 for PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. We’ll let you know once the exact release date is announced.

S.O.L Search of Light promises a unique experience by blending elements of adventure, resource management, storytelling, and tower defense. Set in a steampunk and dark fantasy world, the game puts you in the role of The Foreigner. This mysterious character embarks on a journey through the multi-layered depths of the Underground, seeking to unravel secrets hidden on the surface.

To succeed in this quest, The Foreigner must use their resourcefulness and strategically utilize domestic robots – helpful assistants to the Underground’s inhabitants. These mechanical companions play a crucial role in gathering resources and defending their home base against unrelenting enemy attacks.

As you venture into the Underground’s depths, your task is to discover valuable resources. These will be essential for building and strengthening your village against the relentless ‘nightly’ assaults. S.O.L. Search of Light keeps things fresh and exciting with randomly generated challenges along the way –  expect tricky puzzles, dangerous traps, and formidable foes standing between you and your objective.

Key Features:

  • Tower-Defense – Hordes of enemies will attack your base, so you must use your domestic robots to help you gather resources to fortify and improve your base little by little. 
  • Customization – Improve and customize your character by using different resources and random objects that will discover by exploring the Underground. Each time you play will be a fresh gameplay experience. 
  • Exploration – The Underground allows you to choose your own way as you hunt for resources to improve your base and your character. But be careful, as you will face different randomly generated puzzles, traps, and enemies that stand between you and the valuable resources you need. 

Watch the announcement trailer below to see the game in action:

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