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Is Valorant’s New Controller Clove as Aggressive as Everyone Expected?


Valorant’s newest agent “Clove“, will be available for players in the coming weeks. As expected, Clove is a controller with new smoking mechanics. To welcome the new era of gender identification, Riot has announced that Clove is a non-binary character. Unlike typical controller agents, Clove is capable of placing smokes even after dying. There’s more to their abilities, and this guide will break down the pros and cons of every ability.


Clove’s Ruse Valorant’s Best Smokes?

Back from the dead, Clove can smoke for teammates even after being eliminated. As long as a teammate is alive close to Clove’s body, smokes can be placed. Like Brimstone, Clove places smokes using an iPad, and the range gets smaller when being eliminated. It does get tricky as Clove’s body needs to be in the centre of the action for placing good smokes. Countering the typical Valorant strategies, getting onto the site with the team is what Riot intends to introduce with Clove.

Meddle makes Clove a Duelist in Valorant?

Meddle is an ability that decays players for 5 seconds, allowing Clove to peek aggressively. This ability can be thrown and explodes to form a dome. Enemies caught up in this dome can be taken down with a bullet from either of the two rifles. The range is similar to the range of all the typical mollies in Valorant. As much as Riot wants Clove to be able to peek aggressively, this ability is best suited to support Duelists by learning early lineups.

Pick Me Up vs Reyna Dismiss: Who wins?

Pick Me Up is another ability that Clove gives Duelist qualities. Upon getting an elimination, Pick Me Up allows Clove to regain health for 6 seconds along with a movement boost. Unlike Clove, Reyna’s Dismiss makes her invincible for a few seconds. Clove only gets a movement boost similar to a stim beacon boost along with a temporary overheal.Though this is an aggressive ability, every player has to understand that the heal is temporary and the movement boost isn’t as powerful as a Jett dash or a Raze satchel.

Not Dead Yet – A Better Phoenix Ult?

Clove’s ultimate allows players to get back into the game if they manage to get a kill after activating the ultimate. While her ultimate is available, if Clove dies, players can activate the ultimate and bring Clove back to life. Clove can reposition from her body and needs to get an elimination to be completely revived. If the timer runs out, Clove dies if players aren’t able to get an elimination within the timer window.

Overall the new Valorant agent Clove has termed “overpowered & broke” among many other names by players who’ve seen clips of ther new agent. While clove does have attacking abilities, Riot has given the new agent the weakest smokes in terms of duration. Also, Clove’s smokes has a smaller diamieter when compared to astra’s purple smokes. When compared to omen and brimstone, clove’s smokes are bigger than brimstone smokes and the same size as omen smokes. Clove looks like an agent fit for teams who run the double controller meta.

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