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GUIDE | The best LoL champions to learn how to play ADCs

As any experienced LoL player will tell you, jumping into the ADC (Attack Damage Carry) role without a solid understanding of the fundamentals can lead to a quick and crushing defeat. A solid champion with specific skills, abilities, and techniques is essential to dominating ADCs. This article will look at the top five LoL champions for this position.

Miss Fortune

If you want to learn how to play as an ADC, Miss Fortune is an excellent starting point. She is a high-damage and easy-to-master champion with a skill kit suitable for beginners. Also known as the Bounty Hunter, Miss Fortune can slow enemies with her “Make It Rain” ability, and her passive, “Touch of Love,” deals more damage to targets she hasn’t hit recently, encouraging good target switching during fights. Her ultimate ability, “Bullet Time,” can shatter entire teams if placed correctly. Her high base damage and powerful abilities make Miss Fortune an excellent choice for any budding ADC.


Tristana, Yordle’s gunner, is another LoL champion newcomers to ADCs should consider. Her strong point is her versatility, which is accentuated by her “Rocket Jump” (which can be used to both attack and escape) and her “Explosive Charge,” which deals a lot of damage to turrets. In addition, Tristana’s passive ability allows her to increase her basic attack range with each level, an attribute that gives her a significant advantage in late-game scenarios. Add to this her massive late-game damage output and excellent mobility, and it becomes clear why Tristana is one of the best choices for beginners looking to conquer ADCs.


Next up is Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. Caitlyn stands out for her exceptional range, which allows her to safely farm in the lane phase and whip enemies from afar. Her unique abilities, such as setting traps with “Instant Yordle Trap” and escaping danger with “90 Caliber Net”, add complexity and strategic depth. Caitlyn’s range, crowd control abilities, and high single-target damage make her one of the best choices for new ADCs.


Sivir, the Battle Mistress, is an essential champion for anyone looking to learn how to play as an ADC. She possesses exceptional wave clearing ability thanks to her “Boomerang Blade” and “Ricochet,” allowing her to farm effectively, an essential aspect of being a successful ADC. Sivir’s “Spell Shield” can block an incoming enemy ability. In contrast, her ultimate ability, “On the Hunt,” provides speed to the entire team, making her a capable combatant and a powerful team player.


Finally, we have Jinx, the loose cannon. Jinx shines with her versatility and dominance in the endgame. Her abilities, “Switcheroo” and “Pow-Pow, the Minigun,” allow her to alternate between high-speed, short-range attacks and slow, long-range rocket blasts. Her ultimate global ability, “Super Mega Death Rocket,” can turn the tables in ranged combat and finish off fleeing enemies. Jinx’s ability to take down targets quickly and her great porting potential make her a powerful choice for anyone taking on the role of ADC.

Learning to play ADC in LoL is a challenging but rewarding journey. Champions like Miss Fortune, Tristana, Caitlyn, Sivir, and Jinx are designed to introduce newbies to the basics of ADCs and lay the groundwork for more advanced techniques and strategies. After all, choosing the right champion, understanding their abilities, forging your strategy – and a little practice – will ensure you become a formidable ADC player in League of Legends.

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