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10 Games Like POKEMON GO You Should Check Out

10 Games Like POKEMON GO You Should Check Out

Pokemon GO had us all chasing virtual critters with our phones held high! But for the seasoned trainers among us, or those seeking a different kind of adventure, fear not! 

Get ready to unleash your inner explorer with these ten incredible games that recapture the thrill of discovery that Pokemon GO ignited. 

From hidden monsters to uncharted galaxies, these adventures will have you itching to grab your gear and step into a world brimming with possibility. 

Ingress Prime

The masterminds behind Pokemon GO, Niantic, are back with a new reality-warping adventure! Step outside and choose your side in a global struggle for control. 

Pick your faction, strategize with teammates, and hack real-world locations – these aren’t your average bus stops, they’re portals to a hidden war! 

Pikmin Bloom

Walk alongside charming Pikmin companions, collecting them as you explore your neighborhood. Collect cheerful Pikmin companions with each step. Plant flowers using them and watch your neighborhood bloom into a vibrant display of color. 

Jurassic World Alive

Hit the streets on a hunting mission, then proceed to start collecting DNA to create your own prehistoric companions. 

These aren’t your average house pets—we’re talking thunderous Theropods and colossal herbivores! Train your dinos, unleash their primal power in thrilling arena battles, and dominate the Jurassic food chain! 

Orna: The GPS RPG 

Reality warps with every step in this captivating location-based RPG! 

Become a monster slayer! Your neighborhood transforms into a hunting ground teeming with beasts. Craft potions, track your quarry, and face them in heart-pounding battles. 

Unearth ancient secrets hidden in plain sight, claim territory of your own, and clash with other players in an expansive open world. 

Zombies, Run! 

Become humanity’s last hope… on the run! A fitness app that seamlessly blends thrilling audio storytelling with heart-pounding workouts. Gear up for a pulse-pounding session!

The Witcher Monster Slayer

The world becomes your hunting ground in this thrilling Witcher AR adventure! Unleash your inner, hidden monster slayer! Time to craft powerful potions to enhance your skills, track your quarry with cunning strategy, and engage in heart-pounding battles.


Discover hidden treasures, secrets, and surprises in your own neighborhood! With GPS coordinates at your disposal, embark on an exciting real-world treasure hunt and find caches hidden everywhere you look.

Draconius GO

Become a dragon master! Capture magnificent creatures, train them to be powerful companions, and battle other trainers in thrilling AR showdowns. Rule the skies in Draconius GO!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 

Step into the magical world and hone your spellcasting abilities! Showcase your inner spellcaster as you explore your surroundings. As you face terrible monsters, use spells to vanquish them and get ready to be captivated.

The Walking Dead: Our World 

Venture into the chilly realm and struggle to make it through! Scavenge for vital supplies, build your shelter and strategically eliminate walkers in this location-based adventure set in the iconic comic book universe.

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