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The BEST MMORPG You Should Play in 2024

Are you searching for a captivating MMORPG? Because of a lot of choices to pick from, it can become overwhelming when choosing. 

This is a guide to the top 6 MMORPGs for 2024. It highlights their unique strengths and features to help you decide.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft (WoW) remains an iconic MMORPG titan. Blizzard‘s flagship game keeps growing and evolving. It offers a vast fantasy realm filled with challenges and lore. The action-packed combat system keeps players engaged. Moreover, the ever-growing storyline promises an immersive experience for all.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV excels in exceptional storytelling. It boasts a warm, welcoming community too. The upcoming “DawnTrail” expansion will captivate players. It promises a rich narrative and engaging content. Although requiring a subscription, the slow-paced yet rewarding gameplay makes it worth trying. Especially for those seeking a compelling MMORPG adventure.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024. The “The Gold Road” expansion releases in June. ESO lets players immerse themselves in Elder Scrolls’ lore. 

The hybrid tab-target action combat feels unique. Various PvP and PvE content like battlegrounds and trials keep players hooked. Combine that with stunning environments, and ESO offers a captivating experience.

New World

New World blends a sandbox survival game with traditional RPG elements seamlessly. The action combat system feels fresh and engaging. Additionally, the player-driven economy and breathtaking graphics make it stand out. 

Though marred by controversies at launch, future expansions aim to address the lack of endgame content.

Guild Wars 2

It’s the game that brings innovation to the MMORPG genre. Its unique features and player-friendly monetization attract many. Dynamic events, lack of vertical progression, and diverse content cater to all playstyles. 

Well-written dialogue and diverse character options further enhance the compelling experience.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark delivers flashy hack-and-slash combat alongside extensive exploration opportunities. This popular Korean MMORPG received high praise upon Western release. 

It provides an exceptional dungeon-crawling experience for players. However, those with gambling issues should avoid it due to monetization concerns.


Ultimately, choosing the best MMORPG depends on personal preferences in 2024. Whether prioritizing storytelling, combat, exploration, or player-driven economies, options abound. 

Immerse yourself in vast online worlds. Forge new friendships and epic adventures in these realms.

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