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This is how Queen’s Blood works in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has plenty of different mini-games, but perhaps the most notable is Queen’s Blood. The new card game appears regularly in Square Enix’s big JRPG, so it’s helpful if you know how to play the game. Time to explain in advance how Queen’s Blood works in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

The Basics

The basics of Queen’s Blood are not particularly difficult to understand. In the game, you are presented with a board with fifteen empty squares divided into three lanes. You start on the left side, while the opponent starts from the right.

Your goal is to collect as many points as possible, which can only be redeemed if you have the most points on one of the three lanes. You do this by placing cards on the field, first you and then the opponent. Which card you can place depends only on how many pawns it costs.

With an empty playing field, you have three squares with one pawn standing, so your options are somewhat limited. Each card has a certain number of points it is worth and thus builds the number of points per lane, where each card also has a certain influence on the number of pawns in the surrounding squares.

Each card also has a different effect, and from there you can quickly make strategic choices. Do you build to three pawns (maximum number) to place a super strong card or do you go for building forward so you can put down the most cards? These are the first questions that play through your mind during a match.

Understanding cards

So those cards themselves are also hugely important, but you can’t have an infinite number of cards. A deck consists of a maximum of fifteen cards, and prior to a match, you get to put them together yourself. Once you have found your favorite combination, you can start playing.

At the start of a match, you then get five cards in your hand. Should these not be to your liking, you can check the cards you don’t want right away. These go back into your deck and you get random, new cards in place of the checked cards.

By the way, the cards themselves are all based on monsters and characters from Final Fantasy. You can buy these from various stores in the game, while you also get new cards by winning matches from other NPCs.

Seize control

Ultimately, the goal of Queen’s Blood is to take control of the playing field. The cards you place, as you could already read, level the surrounding surfaces. As a result, you only also gain control over surfaces that are in your opponent’s reach.

Your pawns on the playing field are marked green, while your opponent’s pawns are marked red. When an opponent’s card causes him to gain control of a position near one of your pawns, it is time to switch. This is because as long as you can place a card on your green pawn that affects the opponent’s red-colored pawn, you can take over this area.

In this way, you want to ensure that you can place more cards on the playing field, so to speak. After all, this way you can collect more points and the chances of winning are higher. After all, you have to win two of the three strips, because otherwise the chances of collecting enough points to win are microscopic.

The total number of points is ultimately leading. Therefore, a tie can sometimes help you even on one strip. As long as you have more points than your opponent on the strip you win, the win is yours.

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