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The League of Legends LEC 2023: Players with the Best KDA So Far

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has always been a hotbed of talent, with players from all over the continent vying for supremacy in the world’s most popular online multiplayer game. And the LEC 2023 season is no exception.

This year, we have seen outstanding performances from several players, each of whom brought their unique skills and strategies to the table. But who has been the most effective? One way to measure this is by looking at a player’s kill/death/assist ratio (KDA).

What is KDA?

For those unfamiliar with the term, KDA is a statistical measure used in multiplayer games like League of Legends to evaluate a player’s overall performance. It is calculated by adding up a player’s number of kills and assists and dividing by the number of kills. Furthermore, the higher the KDA, the better the player’s performance. As a result, it is a useful metric for comparing players and is often used to identify the best players in a tournament or league.

Players with the highest KDA in the LEC 2023

Let’s delve into the players making waves in LEC 2023 with their impressive KDA ratios.

Brokenblade – 4.9 (72 maps)

Brokenblade has been performing consistently throughout the LEC 2023 season. With a KDA of 4.9 over 72 maps, he has proven that he is not only a skilled player but also a reliable one. His performance has been key to the success of G2 Esports, and his high KDA is a testament to his ability to secure kills and minimize kills.

Yike – 5.5 (72 maps)

Yike has been a revelation at LEC 2023. He has proven to be a formidable opponent with a KDA of 5.5 on the same number of maps as Brokenblade. Yike’s high KDA demonstrates his ability to contribute significantly to G2 wins this 2023 season by securing kills or providing crucial assists.

nuc – 4.1 (64 maps)

Despite playing fewer maps than Brokenblade and Yike, Nuc has achieved a respectable KDA of 4.1 with Team BDS. His performance has consistently solid, proving that he is a player who can always rely on when it matters most.

Upset – 7.1 (29 maps)

Despite playing fewer maps than the other players on this list, Upset has achieved the highest KDA with 7.1 points. This remarkable achievement demonstrates that Upset is a player capable of making a big impact in a short time. His high KDA is a testament to his skill and effectiveness on the battlefield with Team Vitality.

Doss – 4.1 (52 maps)

Last, SK Gaming’s Doss has consistently performed in LEC 2023, achieving a KDA of 4.1 on 52 maps. In addition, his outstanding performance has been a key factor in his team’s success, and his KDA reflects his ability to contribute to his team’s victories effectively.

The 2023 LEC season has seen some truly outstanding performances from several players, and the high KDA ratios of these players are a testament to their skill and effectiveness. Finally, as the season conclude, it will be interesting to see if these players can maintain their KDAs and continue to lead their teams to victory.

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