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The BEST Action Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Manhwa is an insanely popular series that took the world by storm with its action-packed action hero and unique story. If you got through those awesome chapters and are craving more of that sexy, overpowered main character shite, you’re in luck! The Manhwa universe is filled with plenty of other works in a similar badass vein. 

Some have storylines eerily reminiscent of Solo Leveling‘s weak-to-supercharged hero journey. Others simply nail that addictive combo of ridiculous fight scenes and unstoppable protagonists. Whatever itch you have, these action-packed manhwas will tickle it. So dive into the best of the best!

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

For something different and a little solo-leveling, check out Omniscient Reader‘s Viewpoint. The world of the novel “Three Ways to Escape the Apocalypse” transports Dokja Kim, the main character. Dokja, who reads it, knows the novel’s events and secrets, but he must use his knowledge to fight for survival.

This manhwa is a departure from the usual narratives and power systems and is one of the genre’s standouts.

Second Life Ranker

When Yeon-woo’s brother dies under mysterious circumstances inside a magical tower reality, he’s forced to dive into this supernatural world to uncover the truth and seek revenge. Like Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling, Yeon-woo starts with nothing but gains incredible powers and abilities from the Tower’s system.

Expect epic fights, unique magic abilities, and a revenge-driven narrative that will have you turning pages.

I’m the Max-Level Newbie

Kang Jinhyeok is a former gaming streamer who has already conquered the “Tower of Trials” game. This game is about to become a reality, one where humanity’s survival depends on players clearing its tasks. Kang Jinhyeok shines brightly as the ultimate max-level newbie, ready and poised to take on the intense challenges that lie ahead.

Fans of Solo Leveling’s system-based progression and gaming elements will find a lot to love in this manhwa, which features a hero who rises to the occasion like Jinwoo himself.

SSS-Class Revival Hunter

In a world where hunters wield incredible powers, Confucious Kim is a weak hunter envious of the top-tier elites. Until an unreal ability bestows him with the power to copy other hunters’ abilities, but at the cost of his own life. After the Flame Emperor, the strongest hunter, murders Confucius, he receives a second chance at life and the ability to go back in time.

Its dungeon-esque Tower aesthetic and the main hero’s rise to fame make SSS-Class Revival Hunter an addictive read from start to finish.

The Lone Necromancer

The apocalypse hits Yu Seongwu’s world and turns Earth into a monster-infested game-style survival zone. Fortunately for him, he selects the rare 5-star necromancer class, which grants him control of an undead army. With his legion of the undead, Yu Seongwu sets out to conquer the new world and reclaim it for humanity.

This manhwa is a must-read for Solo Leveling fans, featuring slick art panels, slick characters, and a simple yet addictive storyline. Prepare to cram your way through all available chapters in one night!

Enjoy Reading

So whether you want epic fights, powerful protagonists, or original takes on the isekai formula, these five action-packed manhwa series are bound to tickle your appetite for more Solo Leveling-style action. Prepare for worlds of action, sexy characters, and riveting storylines from beginning to end!


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