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Solo Leveling: Fans Debate if the Dub or Sub of “Arise” is Better

Solo Leveling is an anime adaptation that has already taken the world by storm with its action-packed, beautiful graphics and compelling premise. Many fans highlighted Sung Jin-Woo (the lead actor) saying his trademark “Arise” for the first time. This was a big turning point for Jin-Woo’s pursuit to be the strongest hunter.

The Japanese Dub Disappointment

Many fans widely anticipated the Japanese dub for this moment and were left disappointed when it finally dropped. Jin-Woo’s “Arise” voice acting was not as heavy and intense as fans had hoped from the manhwa original.

The English Dub Triumph

But then things changed when the English dub came out. The awe-inspiring performance came from Aleks Le, who plays Jin-Woo in his English dub. His delivery of the iconic “Arise” line boomed with intensity, earning Aleks Le thunderous applause from fans who felt he captured the raw power of that pivotal Solo Leveling moment.

The Heated Debate

Social media users expressed appreciation for Le’s performance, with a lot of praising him for capturing the moment perfectly. One fan wrote:’ His voice when he says arise is so good,’ And another said Le “cooked a great meal” with his outstanding performance.

The ongoing debate over whether to get a version, dub, or sub, has ignited a heated debate among fans. Some have claimed the English dub is better, more accurately capturing the raw emotion and intensity of the scene. Others argue that the Japanese dub is the best anime and should be considered the original.

Appreciating the Passion

Whichever side fans are on, one thing is sure: both voice actors worked hard to flesh out Jin-Woo’s character. Opinions may differ but the passion and dedication of the voice-acting community is undeniable.

The Future of Solo Leveling

The singular scene has sparked heated debates over dubs versus subs, with fans passionately defending their preferred take. Yet at its core, it has united the Solo Leveling fanbase through a shared experience of witnessing Jin-Woo’s empowering transformation.

As the series continues to captivate with its second season, “Arise From the Shadow,” and the upcoming video game coming out on May 8, 2024, this iconic moment will surely live on. It has transcended language barriers, reminding us that great storytelling has the power to move people universally.

For Solo Leveling fans everywhere, the “Arise” line is more than just words – it’s the spark that ignited their journey alongside the legendary Hunter, bringing them together as one voice cheering him on. In that spirit of unity, the fandom awaits the next chapters of this epic adventure.

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