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good games like Skyrim

10 Good Games Like Skyrim You Can’t Miss in 2024

Skyrim has left a big mark on its fans, who often find themselves looking for other games that can offer similar thrills. Are you one of those players searching for that next big adventure? You’...

Fallout TV Show

Fallout TV Show Gets Green Light for Season 2 on Amazon Prime

Exciting news for Fallout fans – Amazon Prime Video has announced that the popular TV series based on the beloved Bethesda Softworks video game will return for a second season. The announcement ...

Battlefield 2042 ends with season 7

Battlefield 2042 Ends with Season 7 as EA Plans New Course for the Franchise

Battlefield 2042 is wrapping up with its seventh and final season. This marks the end of major updates for the game. Now, EA is now planning to take the Battlefield series in new directions. This chan...

All Gaming Employee ISSUES in 2024 So Far

All Gaming Employee ISSUES in 2024 So Far

2024 will see the gaming industry face a harsh reality: layoffs. The industry is typically praised for its enthusiastic workers and hits.  Concerns regarding the health of the industry and the welfare...

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