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Halo Infinite Banished Honor Update – Patch Notes

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The new “Banished Honor Operation” is underway in Halo Infinite. This free Operation features a pass with 20 tiers, loaded with Banished-themed goodies. To progress, simply earn Match XP in multiplayer matchmaking, firefight, or custom games. This operation will be active for five weeks, after which the pass will no longer be free for players.

Want even more? Consider these premium offers:

  • 500 Credits: Permanently unlocks the full Operation Pass, gives you an exclusive customization item, an extra Challenge slot (while the pass is equipped), and bonus Match XP during multiplayer matchmaking.
  • 2,000 Credits: Includes everything in the 500 Credit offer, plus instant access to all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass.

Don’t worry about missing the free window – you can grab those premium offers anytime.

Here’s a preview of the upcoming operations:

  • Tenrai IV (June 4, 2024 – July 2, 2024): Features a free 20-tier Operation Pass packed with new Yoroi-themed rewards.
  • Spartan Surplus (July 2, 2024 – July 29, 2024): Offers a free 20-tier Operation Pass with a mix of rewards from various previously released themes.

Introducing Spartan Points

Meet Halo Infinite’s new favorite currency: Spartan Points (SP)! You can earn these by tackling Daily Challenges, completing weekly Ultimate Challenges, or leveling up new Operation Passes.

Spartan Points give you access to the Exchange shop, a treasure trove of limited-time goodies. This includes previously available items, like those from Events and Ultimate Challenges, as well as brand-new offerings. Keep in mind that only Spartan Points are accepted at the Exchange.

Some Exchange items might rotate out with new Operations, but they’ll be re-introduced to the Customize menus later.

Other Notable Changes

The Banished Honor update also introduced some key changes, highlighted below:

  • Weekly Matchmaking Playlist Updates: Legendary King of the Hill has joined Firefight, Ranked Snipers has been replaced by Ranked Tactical, and Rumble Pit takes the place of Free-For-All Slayer.
  • Uneven Ranked Match Fix: Uneven ranked matches (those starting with uneven team sizes) will now end automatically. You won’t lose any Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) or have the match count against you.
  • Aim Magnetism Toggle: Find a new Aim Magnetism toggle in both the Controller and Keyboard/Mouse settings menus. It’s enabled by default, and you can turn it off independently for each input method.

For the rest of the changes, check out the patch notes below.

Halo Infinite Banished Honor Update – Patch Notes


The Banished Honor Operation, which launches alongside this update, features a free 20-tier reward track themed around the Banished.

As with previous Operation Passes, this Operation’s reward track will be available to all players for free during its 5-week duration. Players can progress through the reward track by earning Match XP in multiplayer matchmaking or Custom Games. The following premium offers are also available:

For 500 Credits:

  • Permanent access to the full Operation pass.
  • An exclusive customization item.
  • When the Operation Pass is equipped, an extra Challenge slot.
  • While the Operation is active, bonus Match XP during multiplayer matchmaking.

For 2,000 Credits:

  • Everything listed above in the 500 Credits offer.
  • Instantly unlock all 20 tiers of the Operation Pass.

Once the Operation’s 5-week window has concluded and it is no longer available for free, the Operation Pass will be accessible via the two premium offers outlined above.

Upcoming Operations

Looking ahead, the next two Operations that will be active after Banished Honor are:

Tenrai IV

  • Active between June 4, 2024, and July 2, 2024.
  • Free 20-tier Operation Pass featuring new Yoroi-themed rewards.

Spartan Surplus

  • Active between July 2, 2024, and July 29, 2024.
  • Free 20-tier Operation Pass featuring a variety of new rewards based on various previously released themes.


A new form of in-game currency, Spartan Points (SP), can now be earned by completing Daily Challenges, Ultimate Challenges, or leveling up new Operation Passes. Spartan Points can be used in the new Exchange shop, which features a mix of previously available limited time offers (such as Event and Ultimate Challenge rewards) and new items. All items in the Exchange can only be acquired with Spartan Points.

Some items in the Exchange may appear to rotate out alongside the release of a new Operation, however, these items will become available via the Customize menus in the future.

Players can access the Exchange shop by navigating to the Shop menu in-game then selecting the tile in the top left of the Shop labeled, “Visit the Exchange Shop.” Your current Spartan Point balance is listed in the top right corner of the Shop menus alongside your current Credits balance.

Spartan Points can be earned through any of the methods outlined below:

  • Daily Challenges: Complete a match of multiplayer matchmaking to receive 250 SP each day. This challenge resets every day at 10am PT.
  • Ultimate Challenges: After completing all available Weekly Challenges, the Ultimate Challenge will become available. Completing this Ultimate Challenge will reward 1,000 SP. Weekly and Ultimate Challenges reset every Tuesday at 10am PT.
  • New Operation Passes: Starting with this update, all Operation Passes will include 15,000 SP distributed throughout various reward tiers.

Spartan Points earned through the Operation Pass will not expire once an Operation ends, meaning earned SP can be carried over between Operations. Spartan Points have not been added into previously released Operation Passes.


Alongside this update, multiple matchmaking playlist slots updated today:

  • Firefight: Legendary King of the Hill rotated in.
  • Ranked: Ranked Snipers replaced Ranked Tactical.
  • Arena: Rumble Pit replaced Free-For-All Slayer.


Matches in all Ranked matchmaking playlists will now end automatically if the match starts with the two teams having an uneven number of players. When this occurs, a full screen message will appear to inform players that the match is uneven and will be ending shortly. Players will not lose any Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) points when this occurs, nor will it count as a loss in their match history. 

This new feature does not apply to matches where players load into the match then leave the session after it starts. If players leave the session after the match starts, the protections and penalties outlined in the December Mid-Season Update patch notes will be applied. Additionally, matches with smaller than expected but even teams (such as a 3 vs 3 match) will not be ended automatically. 


A new Aim Magnetism toggle is now available in both the Controller and the Keyboard/Mouse settings menus. This toggle is set to enabled by default and it is separated per input method, meaning that disabling it for one input method will not disable it for the other method.

When this toggle is disabled, the reticle on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) will still turn red when an enemy is in-range, and players can still dash towards enemies meleeing. Additionally, aim magnetism for Equipment like the Grappleshot and the Threat Sensor will not be disabled by this toggle.


The following improvements have been made to the spectator camera used while respawning in a multiplayer match, also known as the “death cam”:

  • The death cam now starts facing the same direction that the spectated teammate is looking.
  • The death cam can now be rotated when spectating your own body.
  • Rotating the death cam is now faster than before.


Players will now be awarded Player Score for assisting other players who take down enemy AI units, including when driving a vehicle with a passenger who is eliminating AI units. Regular on-foot assists will award players with 5 points while assists as a driver of a vehicle will award 10 points.

Additionally, players can now receive the following medals when their unlock criteria is met in a Firefight match:

  • Blind Fire: Kill a distant enemy by shooting them from inside a Shroud Screen.
  • Bomber: Kill 5 enemies with launchers in a game.
  • Boxer: Kill 5 enemies with melee in a game.
  • Breacher: Kill 5 enemies with SMG weapons in a game.
  • Grenadier: Kill 5 enemies with grenades in a game.
  • Gunner: Kill 5 enemies with mounted turrets in a game.
  • Gunslinger: Kill 5 enemies with pistols in a game.
  • Heavy: Kill 5 enemies with detached turrets in a game.
  • Marksman: Kill 5 enemies with tactical rifles in a game.
  • Mounted and Loaded: Earn a Double Kill with a stationary turret.
  • Pilot: Kill 5 enemies with aircraft in a game.
  • Rifleman: Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles in a game.
  • Scattergunner: Kill 5 enemies with shotguns in a game.
  • Sharpshooter: Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifles in a game.
  • Tanker: Kill 5 enemies with siege vehicles in a game.
  • Warrior: Kill 5 enemies with melee weapons in a game.
  • Wheelman: Earn 5 Driver Assists in a game.


The Extraction game mode, which was introduced in the Season 5 update, now supports having multiple active Extraction sites at once. When enabled, several Extraction sites appear on the map at the same time and the teams must race to extract more of them than the other team. Additionally, the new Sites Spawn in Sets option determines whether the mode will wait for all sites to be extracted before activating a new site. 

The Active Sites option allows for up to 10 active sites at once, however, this depends on the number of Extraction sites placed on each map. This setting will not place additional Extraction sites beyond those placed by the map creator.


The new Match Setup Override options allow players to set a starting score for each team or a certain amount of time left on the clock. These settings can help tournament organizers reset a match after an unexpected disconnect or even the playing field in a social setting by giving one team a head start.

The settings included in this section are:

  • Round Start Time
  • Eagle Team Rounds won
  • Cobra Team Rounds won
  • Eagle Team Starting score
  • Cobra Team starting score


Players are now informed when they’re booted from an active multiplayer match due to a failed Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) integrity check. When this occurs, players will receive an error message stating, “You have been removed from gameplay because your client failed an integrity check. Please ensure you have the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) service enabled and relaunch the game.”



Fully charged shots from the Plasma Pistol will now temporarily disable vehicles.

Developer Notes

Return of the King! We’ve heard your feedback regarding wanting the plasma pistol having the capability to EMP vehicles and we are giving you just that! Considering the plasma pistol’s functionality in past Halo games, we believed this update was something our players would recognize and enjoy. Also, we are hoping to see the plasma pistol find more use cases in BTB and Arena environments.

  • Enabled “EMP” side effect for the Plasma Pistol’s fully charged shot.


The Mk50 Sidekick’s rate of fire has been reduced slightly.

Developer Notes

We know the rapid-fire functionality feels great and is a core identity to the weapon, but we wanted to address player feedback on the time to kill when on the receiving end of sidekick encounter. A side effect of this is slightly less blooming which will result in a more consistent time to kill when wielding the sidekick.

  • Rounds per second decreased 6.6 >> 5.6.


The range at which the Gravity Hammer can eliminate an enemy has been reduced.

Developer Notes

After our most recent tuning update, we receive additional feedback that the Gravity Hammer was too strong. To address this feedback, we slightly brought in the range in which an enemy can be eliminated from the shockwave effect. Jump in and give it a swing…or two and let us know how it feels!

  • Radius low 1.25 >> 1.75.
  • Radius high 2 >> 2.5.


The Cindershot’s projectiles will no longer cause players or vehicles to move upon detonation. The Cindershot’s rate of fire has been slightly decreased as well.

Developer Notes

The Cindershot is a fun and powerful weapon to use, but we acknowledge it can be frustrating to be redirected by the impulse of the explosion. To eliminate that frustration and address player feedback, we eliminated the gravity effect that would pull players around and slightly reduced the rate of fire. We hope this will improve both sides of the combat experience while still maintaining the Cindershot’s effectiveness as a power weapon.

  • Instantaneous acceleration -4 >> 0.
  • Alt instantaneous acceleration -3 >> 0.
  • Rounds per second decreased 1.33 >> 1.1.


The S7 Sniper Rifle will now be ready to fire upon pickup faster than before.

Developer Notes

The Sniper Rifle’s ready-up time after being picked off the ground or a power-weapon pad felt too lengthy. In order to help the sniper feel snappier we wanted to address this by increasing it’s ready-up time when being picked up. We hope this will allow for more sniper highlights when a player picks up the sniper off the ground or from a recently slain player.

  • Ready initial playback speed scale 1 >> 1.2.


The Spike Grenade’s detonation timer now starts upon sticking to a surface or player rather than upon being thrown. Additionally, the detonation timer’s length has been reduced.

Developer Notes

Spike Grenades have been underperforming in the core gameplay loop, and we felt a change in detonation behavior may improve its viability. The first step we took was to ensure the Spike Grenade reached its intended target by preventing its detonation midair. Additionally, once the spike grenade does reach its intended target it will detonate more quickly – similar to other grenades in the sandbox. These updates should help with zone control and better reward skillful grenade placement.

  • Detonation timer starts changed from immediately when at rest.
  • Timer decreased (low & high) 1.8 >> 1.2 seconds.

You can find the rest of the changes, such as Forge additions and Bug Fixes, by heading to this page.

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