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GUIDE | What is a split push in League of Legends?

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The split push is a strategic maneuver in the popular online multiplayer League of Legends. If executed correctly, this strategy can turn the game’s tide in your favor, even in extreme circumstances. However, it is not as simple as it sounds and requires a deep understanding of game mechanics, map knowledge, and team coordination.

Understanding split thrust

In essence, split pushing is a tactic in which one player, usually the top laner or jungler, pushes a side lane while the rest of the team distracts the enemy elsewhere on the map. The main goal of this strategy is to exert pressure on several fronts, forcing the enemy team to divide their resources and attention.

The role of the split pusher is not only to take down enemy turrets but also to create space for his team to secure objectives such as the Dragon or Baron Nashor. The split pusher must be a champion capable of quickly eliminating waves of minions and with great potential for 1 vs. 1, as he is often isolated in the farthest part of the map. Champions like Tryndamere, Fiora, and Yorick are known for their split-push prowess.

Executing the Split Thrust Strategy

Communication and map knowledge are crucial to executing a split push successfully. Depending on the enemy team’s movements, the split pusher must know when to push and retreat. If the enemy team disappears from the map, it is usually a sign to retreat.

In the meantime, the rest of the team must apply pressure elsewhere, forcing the enemy to make difficult decisions. If the enemy team decides to send several members to stop the split pusher, opportunities arise for the rest of the team to secure objectives or push other lanes.

When not to split push?

Despite its potential advantages, split pushing is not always the best strategy. Generally, it is not advisable to split push when the enemy team has strong snagging tools or global abilities that can quickly turn a 4v4 into a 5v4. Champions like Twisted Fate or Shen can easily join your team from across the map and turn the tide of combat.

Also, if your team lacks wave clearing or disconnect tools, they may have difficulty keeping the enemy team at bay while you push a side lane. It’s also risky to split the push if you don’t control the enemy jungle vision, as it’s easy to get spotted and killed.

Also, if you are your team’s main source of damage or crowd control, sticking with your team instead of split-pushing may be more beneficial. For example, champions like Malphite or Orianna have game-changing ultimates that can swing team fights in your favor.


Split pushing is a high-risk, high-reward strategy that can create significant advantages if executed correctly. It calls for a thorough comprehension of the game, superior map knowledge, and skillful communication. However, it is not always the best strategy, and players should carefully consider many factors.

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