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Games To Play Where You Can EARN Money

Would you like some extra money? Why not try your hand at games that pay real money? This means you can reward yourself with your preferred gaming habit.

Check out these 10 cool games where you are able to play and make money!


Earn $1 to $45 per game by reaching certain levels within 14 days across various genres like adventure, puzzles, and casino games.

Solitaire Smash (iOS)

Compete in cash tournaments playing fast-paced solitaire games against players of similar skill levels. Cash out winnings through PayPal or Apple Pay.

Blackout Bingo

Free bingo app where you compete against others for real cash prizes in quick 2-minute rounds.

Bubble Cash

Skill-based bubble shooter game with cash tournaments where everyone gets the same layout to ensure fairness.

21 Blitz

Unique blackjack-solitaire hybrid. Play for free or enter cash tournaments and multiplayer contests.

Pool Payday

Pay entry fees to compete in digital pool/billiards cash tournament leagues.

Solitaire Cube

Enter quick solitaire cash tournaments starting at $1 entry fee with higher buy-ins for larger prizes. Can redeem winnings for merchandise too.

HQ Trivia (iOS)

Join free live multiplayer trivia contests with a chance to win cash prizes, no entry fees required.


Earn coins by playing games, answering surveys, and completing offers, which can be redeemed for cash, crypto, or gift cards.

Mistplay (Android only)

Earn points by playing and progressing through various mobile games, redeemable for gift cards from popular brands like Amazon and iTunes.

Tips for Earning More with Money-Making Games

  • Take advantage of sign-up/deposit bonuses and other promotions to boost your bankroll
  • Focus on games that align with your skills and experience for better-winning chances
  • Be patient, practice consistently, and keep refining your strategies
  • Consider investing profit winnings into higher stake paid entry tournaments with larger prizes
  • Set a budget and secure bankroll for cash tournaments to avoid chasing losses
  • Read reviews and rules thoroughly before depositing or entering cash contests
  • Have fun! Don’t sacrifice your enjoyment solely for trying to make profits

Who knew your gaming skills could pay off?

Whether it’s a very simple way to generate additional investing cash or almost a full-time career in gaming, there are money-making games for everyone.

So fire up your console or mobile device and start playing games that pay! It’s a fun and rewarding way to turn your beloved hobby into a money-maker.

Take a risk, or lose the chance.


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