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Does Call of Duty Have a Map Rotation Issue? (Feat. Anti-Cheat Updates)

Modern Warfare 3 is still under scrutiny since its launch. Following a barrage of negative reviews on launch day, Activision attempted to alleviate concerns by shifting the focus to its multiplayer options. With new modes and improvements to existing multiplayer modes, the game looked poised for success until players began criticizing Call of Duty’s lazy map rotations.

[COD] Cod 2024 leaked launch map rotation
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Is Activision still riding on its previous fame?

There’s no doubt that players would like the inclusion of iconic maps, such as Shipment, in the game. However, as years pass and multiple editions of Call of Duty become available, players suggest that Activision uses maps like “Shipment” as a “get out of jail free” card whenever possible. Even recently, Activision announced the inclusion of the Shipment map as if no one foresaw this. Everyone was quick to call this out, with some demanding the use of other old maps instead of bombarding them with the same maps year after year.

Players have requested the relatively new map “Meat” to return to the map rotation. Players seem impressed with how the map has turned out and consider it one of the best small maps in the game. Maps like Nuketown and Shipment have always been known for their intense close-quarter gameplay. Now, the map “Meat” is being hailed as an equally good map. Players requested the developers to create more maps like this instead of recycling old ones and to stop relying on past fame.

Activision has already faced a lot of criticism regarding its minimal single-player campaign. The game received a massive wave of negative reviews on the Steam store primarily due to the fact that it finishes within 4 hours. Modern Warfare 3 is still considered a premium game in terms of pricing, but the developers are being criticized for not providing any sort of value, regardless of its price. Now, the same criticism is being directed at its multiplayer modes due to the lack of new maps in the game.

PlayStation has Banned all Cronus Zen users.

For those unaware, Cronus Zen was a controller mod used on PlayStation to compete against keyboard-mouse players. The mod provided controller players with an advantage by assisting them with their aim. If adjusted correctly, this assistance could be increased or decreased based on preference. This posed a significant issue for games like Call of Duty, leading to accusations against well-known streamers regarding the use of such mods.

Controller players often complain that in cross-platform games, keyboard and mouse players have a larger advantage, particularly in executing flick shots on opponents. The Cronus mod used to somewhat negate this advantage by providing superior aim assist. The game ideally would not have allowed it. In a recent update, PlayStation has stopped support for all Cronus Zen devices, and they can no longer be paired with a PlayStation 5.

There’s a lot of debate on who’s got the ultimate upper hand in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: KBM players or controller players? The ultimate question is, how strong should aim-assisting features be within the game? Keyboard and mouse players can almost instantly turn and flick on players once they get the hang of it. The same cannot be applied to controller players, though. So, how do developers deal with this? For sure, using mods on controllers isn’t the way. At some point, they will be banned, and it’s certainly not worth it. In all fairness, cross-platform inputs did upgrade casual gaming to another level, but from a competitive standpoint, no game title has really found a way to make the game balanced in terms of aiming advantage.

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