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Latest PlayStation 5 Update Seems to Block Controversial Device

PlayStation 5 with DualSense Controller

If you’re just an ordinary PlayStation 5 owner, the latest firmware update is just another routine update for you. But for some players, this update is anything but ordinary, especially when the Cronus Zen is involved.

That’s because Sony’s latest firmware update for their newest console seems to have blocked the use of Cronus Zen on the console. The change wasn’t openly announced, so players who used the device had to discover the removal themselves.

As expected, the manufacturer behind Cronus Zen issued a statement, addressing the issue:

We’re aware of an issue with Zen and the PS5. As of Jan 24, the console is prompting everyone to update to Version: 24.01-08.60.00, and if you do, Zen will no longer connect to the PS5 without disconnecting.

However, this update is NOT mandatory! Simply skip it and everything should still work with the Zen 2.2.2 update as expected.

There is currently no timetable on a fix so please don’t be offended if you’re directed to check this notice when asking for any kind of ETA. It could be 24hrs, 24 days, 24 months, we won’t know until we’ve dug into it.

This notice will be updated as soon as we have more information. We appreciate your patience.

Temporary Solution: Do not update the PS5 System OS, or use the PS5 Remote Play Workaround

As expected, some people in online communities are celebrating the change. Some of them even pointed out the futility of spending hundreds just to get a marginal advantage in a game, only for it to be disabled later. It remains to be seen whether the Cronus developers will successfully find a workaround; if so, this entire ordeal will turn into a cat-and-mouse situation between game publishers and the Cronus developers.

What is Cronus Zen?

For those unaffected by this quiet change, you might wonder what Cronus Zen is, and why it’s causing quite a ripple among affected users.

Cronus Zen is a device that allows users to use just about any controller on any console, even third-party ones. It’s a great device for those who prefer using their older controllers as a preference, or for those who have to use specific controllers for accessibility reasons.

However, the biggest controversy surrounding the device is the ability to run macro scripts with the controller. The scripts are typically used for aim assist, reduced weapon recoil, and other tools that are considered an unfair advantage in online multiplayer shooter games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends. The supposed advantage is so bad that publishers such as Activision have actively banned the use of such devices in their games via Ricochet. On the other hand, Microsoft is getting around this by requiring players to only use licensed third-party devices on their consoles; as expected, Cronus Zen is not one of them.

It’s not as if this device is easily accessible to anyone. It costs $99.99 / £99.99, and it requires some setup on a PC from the user before it can be used in a game. However, the official Cronus shop is selling “Pre-Loaded Gamepacks” for £19.99, which removes most of the setup work for users.

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