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The Stellar Arsenal: The Best Weapons in Starfield

Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ ambitious space exploration game, has taken the game by storm within days of its official release.

Its stunning graphics, intricate gameplay mechanics, and vast universe to explore have quickly made it a favorite among the gaming community.

However, what sets Starfield apart is its impressive arsenal of weapons. With a truly vast catalog of options to suit different play styles and strategies, Starfield offers a unique experience for every player.


The Keelhauler is a heavyweight in Starfield’s range of weapons. This powerful energy weapon is perfect for those who like to make a big impact on the battlefield. In addition, the Keelhauler’s destructive power is unmatched, making it ideal for taking on large groups of enemies or tough bosses. However, its slow rate of fire and high energy consumption mean that it must be used strategically. Despite these drawbacks, the Keelhauler is a must-have for players looking to pack a punch.


The Deadeye, as its name suggests, is a precision weapon. This sniper rifle is perfect for those who prefer a more stealthy approach to combat. In addition, with its long-range capabilities and high damage output, the Deadeye can take out enemies from a safe distance. Moreover, its high accuracy makes it a lethal weapon for a skilled player. However, its slow reload speed and limited ammunition capacity make every shot count.


The Coachman is a versatile weapon that can adapt to various combat situations. This semi-automatic rifle is a reliable choice for any player, offering a balance of power and speed. The Coachman’s fast rate of fire and decent damage output make it an excellent choice for close and medium-range combat. In addition, its relatively low recoil also makes it easier to maintain accuracy during sustained fire, making it a solid choice for any arsenal.


The Tanto is a unique melee weapon that offers a different approach to combat. This energy blade can easily pierce through enemies, making it a formidable weapon in close combat. Moreover, its high damage output and fast attack speed make it a lethal weapon in the right hands. However, its short range forces players to get close to their enemies, adding risk.


The Lawgiver is a powerful pistol with surprising power. Despite its small size, this weapon can inflict much damage, especially in close combat. The Lawgiver’s high rate of fire and decent accuracy make it an excellent choice for engaging enemies quickly. As a result, its compact size also allows for greater mobility, making it a great choice for players who value speed and agility.

Starfield’s diverse range of weapons offers something for everyone, whether you prefer brute force, accuracy, versatility, melee, or speed. The Keelhauler, Deadeye, Coachman, Tanto, and Lawgiver each bring unique strengths to the table, making them some of the best weapons in the game. However, the key to mastering Starfield combat is having the best weapons and knowing when and how to use them effectively.

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