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Miracle-‘s Smurf Account Got Banned – Yatoro Pushed It

Yatoro banned miracle smurf account.

A well-known name in the Dota 2 scene, Miracle-, got his account banned because of Yatoro’s complaint. It’s also a known fact that professional Dota 2 players usually have more than one account for playing.

This is normal because they sometimes struggle to find games and practice in a solo queue. In that light, many professionals have multiple accounts, so they can search for games faster and play some Dota. However, this trend is frowned upon hard.

What Happened? Why Did Yatoro Call Out Miracle-?

It all started with Valve’s recent large-scale ban waves against smurfing ”Smurfing is Not Welcome in Dota”. So, naturally, all players should be affected the same. But it doesn’t really work that way in real life.

Namely, Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk did get his smurf accounts banned. But, he had a strong opinion on MIracle-, and why his smurf accounts are still intact. That’s why Yatoro took to Telegram to express his concern, revealing that a multitude of smurf accounts had faced the ban hammer, yet Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s smurf remained untouched.

Yatoro suddenly announced that he might play for another team in the upcoming Dota 2 season

He stated:

 “O no [my] smurfs banned. Miracle didn’t get any smurfs banned, fair enough. Not one from 6 smurfs I suggest Wonder Boy gets 4 gold per second, Valve will approve —What do you guys think about Miracle Smurfs?”

Yatoro didn’t stop there. He also said that Miracle- is a wonder boy of Dota 2, and he can do whatever he wants. This wouldn’t be the problem if everyone else would be allowed to do the same, but it seems like Miracle- is allowed more in this field.

Results Were Swift – Ban Hammer on Miracle-

Only hours after he stated this, Miracle-‘s smurf account got banned for ”Smurfing activities,” obviously. Miracle-‘s esteemed Rank 13 smurf account, with a record of over 15 thousand matches, was swiftly banned.

Miracle's banned smurf account

Justice served?

Yatoro begs to disagree, as everyone in this community should.

Miracle-‘s case is not isolated, as other professional players from diverse regions, including China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and beyond, got their accounts banned in recent times. The ban wave appears to be an equalizing force affecting players across the globe.

All this allows casual players to enjoy Dota more without facing professionals in their public games. Just imagine how hard it is for someone to lane against a professional while only playing for fun.

Even the Reddit is on Fire

A popular subreddit ”Dota 2” is currently on fire with the latest ban wave. However, on this subreddit, there are way more casual players and semi-pros in comparison to professional players. Perhaps, that’s the reason why everyone there sides with Yatoro and his actions.

It’s a known fact that Yatoro from Team Spirit is possibly the best carry player today. And, to put even more fuel to the fire, Miracle-‘s days seem to be over. He was a beast back in 2017 and 2018, with unreal plays with Invoker and other heroes where skills are the main aspect.

So, with everything going around in the Dota 2 community, it seems like Yatoro is right.

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