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Nintendo Switch surpasses Wii sales in the U.S.

The Nintendo Switch continues to succeed and make history. Although globally, Nintendo Switch already surpassed the Wii at the beginning of 2022, this record was achieved in the United States last July.

Nintendo Switch surpasses Wii sales in the U.S.

Nintendo Switch surpassed Wii in global sales in February 2022, by which time around 101.63 million consoles had been sold. Now, during the company’s latest financial report in July, it is estimated that 129 million consoles have been sold.

In addition, thanks to information published by Circana, formerly known as NPD Group, we know that Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed Wii sales in the United States. The Switch surpassed the Wii sales record in July 2023.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that Nintendo’s hybrid console is less than 3 million units short of Xbox 360 sales in the United States. While to reach PlayStation sales, it is less than 5 million.

The great success of the Wii console in the United States

Remember that since the launching of the Wii console, it had impressive success in the United States. At least 48 million Wii consoles were sold in that country. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch has needed a little more time to reach these important figures. But undoubtedly, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, released in May, has been a major boost to accelerate sales of that console.

According to the financial report, Nintendo Switch sold 3.91 million consoles worldwide between April and July. This sales figure represents an increase of almost 14% over sales in the same period last year.

Nintendo expects to sell 15 million consoles in the current fiscal year

In the fiscal year from April 1 to March 31, 2024, Nintendo expects to sell 15 million units, 16.5% less than in the previous period. A reasonable progression for a system that was introduced in 2017 and could be replaced in 2024. Its technical specifications have been the subject of speculation in recent months. If it is true that the studios have the development kits, more concrete information may be leaked.

Nintendo itself has hinted at Nintendo Switch 2’s backward compatibility. However, certain rumors have cast doubt on the matter. Take-Two provided the following statement regarding this feature: “You have to offer customers what they want and enhance their experience, and you can’t offer a feature you can give away to maximize sales. That violates your agreement with the customer that the company must care for them.

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