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GG.bet Still Backing Na’Vi Up

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Is there a better partnership than one between esports and a betting company? Like two sides of the same coin, when these two worlds are combined, it gives fans a great deal to celebrate. Therefore, GG.bet decided to continue working with NAVI. Sponsorships like this mark a significant milestone for both the esports and betting industries.

GG.Bet: Journey Continues for NAVI

The announcement that GG.Bet and Natus Vincere (NAVI) will extend their partnership into 2024. The popularity of this deal shows just how much betting platforms have gained mainstream acceptance within the competitive esports scene. 

Ukrainian esports powerhouse Natus Vincere (NAVI) and betting platform GG.Bet, both headquartered in Kyiv. They decided to deepen their ties and extend their partnership.

Primarily focused on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and CS 2, their successful collaborative projects show how much the general public has not only accepted but also embraced esports betting.


NAVI and GG.Bet first collaborated way back in 2021, and their main focus was to create a unique experience for their fans.

Thanks to sponsorships from prominent betting platforms, esports get to enjoy an increase in funding.


So what does NAVI get from this deal? While we don’t know for sure, they most likely get support for player development. They’ll also support tournament travel and its overall operational capacity.

In turn, GG.Bet has the benefit of associating with one of the most recognizable names in esports, which brings them both legitimacy and visibility. 

About GG.Bet

GG.Bet is very committed to the Ukrainian market, and CEO Dmytro Voshkarin made this clear during his interview with Gambling Insider back in October. However, the company also has global ambitions that it shows through initiatives. Such as its exclusive partnership with Blast Premier and the launch of its GG.Leagues system.

So, in more simple terms, GG. Bet is committed to supporting the local scene but also wants to have a broader industry presence.

The past 12 months have been marked by astonishing offline events, unique content formats, and hours of interviews, commented GG.Bet on their continued NAVI sponsorship. And as this partnership continues, the NAVI team jerseys and streams will keep having prominent GG. Bet branding.

GG.Bet’s commitment to content creation signals its desire to be more than just a betting platform within the esports scene. This aligns with esports’ broader trend towards fan experiences that extend far beyond the matches themselves. And thanks to its recent sponsorship of BLAST Premie, fans can see that they’re serious about their involvement in the competitive landscape.

Since The NAVI and GG.Bet have decided to extend their partnership, it’s clear to see how much this collaboration has been successful for both sides.

This giant and NAVI renewal reinforce the growing role of betting sponsorships within esports. As the industry expands, established esports organizations increasingly rely on such deals for financial stability.

In turn, GG.Bet gains legitimacy and reaches a wider audience by associating with a team of NAVI’s caliber,  solidifying their position within the competitive scene.

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