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League of Legends Patch Notes 13.19: Essential Updates and Changes

League of Legends is constantly evolving through various updates, addressing issues and introducing new changes to maintain a balanced gaming experience. The 13.19 update is a significant one and brings several modifications to champion abilities as well as new ranked restrictions and changes in in-game pinging to counter toxic behavior.

Among the various champions, Briar has experienced a rollercoaster of alterations in her abilities. The 13.19 update seeks to balance her abilities, as players have become more accustomed to her kit and item builds. This includes reducing her attack speed growth, Blood Frenzy healing, and maximum percent health damage against minions and monsters while increasing her overall damage.

Several other champions, such as Azir, LeBlanc, Rek’Sai, Renekton, and Zeri, are subjected to nerfs or weakening of their abilities in this update. For example, Azir’s Conquering Sands ability cooldown has been increased while LeBlanc faces decreased AD growth, attack speed ratio, mana growth, and mana regeneration growth.

On a positive note, a number of champions receive buffs in the 13.19 update, including Galio, Gangplank, Jhin, Lee Sin, Lissandra, Nunu and Wullump, Pyke, Syndra, and Twitch. This aims to improve their viability and enhance gameplay options. For instance, Galio and Gangplank have shorter R cooldowns, Jhin’s R ability deals more physical damage, and Lissandra’s Ring of Frost ability has an increased root duration.

Moving beyond champion changes, the update targets toxic behavior within ranked games. Penalties for disruptive behavior now may include ranked restrictions, which would require players to complete five games in a non-ranked game mode to regain access to ranked. Additionally, adjustments to in-game pinging aim to reduce harassment by allowing only the player who initiates a ping to view its information.

Lastly, the update has several general changes, such as accessibility updates, bug fixes, and a new line of vibrant skins for champions Nidalee, Renata, Ziggs, Qiyana, Draven, and Gnar. Inspired by Mexico’s Día de Muertos holiday, these colorful skins fit the autumn season and can be explored in the full 13.19 patch notes. Players can further enhance their knowledge with resources like the League of Legends tier list and guides on upcoming skins.

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