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Dead Cells Devs Update Game’s Future

Dead Cells

After several years of success and updates, the popular action roguelike game Dead Cells will no longer receive post-launch support from its developers, Motion Twin and Evil Empire. This acclaimed title has had a significant presence in the gaming community since its initial 2018 release, garnering a devoted fanbase through its dynamic gameplay and subsequent expansions.

Acknowledging the game’s impact on the genre, the developers have expressed their appreciation to the fans and hinted at upcoming projects in the works. Celebrated for its deep game mechanics and multiple expansions, Dead Cells has earned its reputation and solidified its position as a standout title within the action roguelike category.

Transition in “Dead Cells” Game Lifecycle

Motion Twin has revealed the conclusion of post-launch updates for its critically acclaimed title “Dead Cells.” With the release of Update 35 for PCs and consoles, the team has marked the end of an era for this beloved indie game. The mobile versions are slated to receive the penultimate Update 34 later in the year.

As Motion Twin transitions away from “Dead Cells,” the studio expressed gratitude toward the game’s dedicated fanbase. Furthermore, Motion Twin has alluded to engaging opportunities beyond the digital realm to experience the “Dead Cells” universe, indicating the advancement of a related animated show, the development of a board game, and teasing potential future cameos of the game’s iconic protagonist, the Beheaded, in other media. Meanwhile, Motion Twin’s next venture, dubbed “Windblown,” is well underway, and the company is exploring options to continue addressing game maintenance.

Complementing this transition, Evil Empire — formed to maintain “Dead Cells” and create fresh content like the “Return to Castlevania” DLC — confirmed the end of their role in adding to the game as well. The studio conveyed appreciation for being entrusted with “Dead Cells” and anticipates focusing on new, original projects of their own.

The story behind “Dead Cells” illustrates how a niche title can become an enduring success. The unusual step by Motion Twin to establish Evil Empire ensured the game’s growth and popularity far beyond initial expectations, with new content extending “Dead Cells”‘ visibility and legacy.

Below are key details about the “Dead Cells” game:

Aspect Information
Platform(s) PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, iOS
Released August 7, 2018
Developer(s) Motion Twin
Publisher(s) Motion Twin
Genre(s) Roguelike
ESRB Rating T for Teen (Blood and Gore, Language, Violence)

“Dead Cells” stands as an influential title in the roguelike genre, embodying the soul of classic platformers while pushing boundaries with creative non-linear level design. Players continually evolve their characters, unlocking novel abilities, weapons, and spells, each playthrough crafted to test even the most skilled gamers against formidable adversaries.

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