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Dead by Daylight Update 7.5.1

In its latest update, the popular asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight has overhauled the mechanics for several of its notorious Killers, aiming to fine-tune the intense cat-and-mouse gameplay that fans relish. The changes represent the continuous efforts by the development team at Behaviour Interactive to maintain a balanced competitive environment, tweaking the abilities of Killers such as Blight, Hillbilly, and Onyro, in response to community feedback. The update also addresses a host of technical issues, spanning from audio glitches to character performance, thereby enhancing the overall player experience.

A new challenge emerges for players with the introduction of the Lights Out Modifier, a first for the game, which significantly alters the visual and strategic landscape by shrouding maps in darkness and stripping away key gameplay elements. This dark twist on gameplay has sparked discussions within the community, as many Survivors find the Modifier generates a more challenging scenario. This addition is indicative of the developers’ ongoing commitment to evolving the game with inventive content, promising more Modifiers to enhance the horror and excitement in future updates.

Recent Enhancements in Dead by Daylight’s Gameplay Experience

In the latest patch 7.5.1, Dead by Daylight has fine-tuned several characters. Changes include:

  • The Blight: Updates to movement and collision handling.
  • The Hillbilly: Adjustments to power mechanics for better balance.
  • The Onryo: Tuning to her haunting abilities for refined gameplay.

The update also introduces numerous bug fixes improving the game’s stability and performance.

Players can now choose the new Survivor, Alan Wake, known for his skills associated with Flashlights and locating essential items like chests and generators.

Developers have teased the expansion of the Modifier system, indicating that additional gameplay twists are in the works. These Modifiers will add fresh strategies for both Survivors and Killers, according to hints gathered from a player survey.

In other news, despite a recent dispute arising from critical comments about the game Palworld by an individual from Behaviour Interactive, the focus remains on enhancing the Dead by Daylight universe for its community.

Tactical Modifications – The Affliction


  • Vigor Phial
    • Boosts Rush tokens limit by 2
    • Enhances Rush aiming arc by 20 degrees
    • Reduces Rush maneuverability by 55%
    • Amplifies Rush velocity by 5%
  • Synth Thirty-Three
    • Caps Rush execution at twice
    • Elevates Rush maneuverability by 33%
    • Prolongs Rush by 33%

Tactical Modifications – The Hillbilly


  • Lubricated Accelerator
    • Chainsaw cooldown reduction: 8%
    • Unavailable during Overdrive
  • The Thompson Formula
    • Chainsaw cooldown reduction: 12%
    • Unavailable during Overdrive

Vengeful Spirit – The Onryo’s Wrath

Dread Abilities

  • Condemned Cooldown: Removal of Condemned cooldown allows for continuous play strategy.
  • Increased Condemnation: Now, securing three stacks each time a Survivor is caught and hooked (previously only two).
  • Enhanced Projection: Projection speed boost now extends for a full 2 seconds, up from the former 1.5 seconds.
  • Manifestation Speed: Movement while materializing now at a swift 4 m/s, previously 3.68 m/s.

Significant Occurrences

  • Lights Out Modifier: Active from Feb 7 to Feb 14, 2024.
  • Accompanying Event Tome: Available during the same timeframe.

Rectifications and Enhancements

Historical Record Updates

  • Modifications to Skill Checks no longer contribute to Quests focusing on successful Generator Skill Checks within Historical Records.

Triumph Documentation

  • Accurate recording is now ensured for the Nerves of Steel triumph, monitoring Skill Checks effectively.

Sound Adjustments

  • Overlapping laughter and scream audio issues have been resolved.
  • Sound notifications for accepted invites have been reinstated.
  • Background sounds for Killers have been restored in the options menu.
  • The bell tone signaling the End Game Collapse is now audible.

Automated Contenders

  • Contender behavior logic has been improved to prevent evasion from a Killer on a separate level.

Persona Depictions

  • Distortion of The Good Guy’s “Wedding Dress” attire has been corrected in outfit selection.
  • The Hag’s movement constraint post-attack while carrying a Survivor has been fixed.
  • The Plague’s mandatory pause before attacking post Vile Purge has been removed.

Terrain and Locale Improvements

  • Access to hooks in Shattered Square is no longer obstructed by barriers.
  • Hidden items under debris in Midwich Elementary School are now retrievable.
  • Stuck issues with bots at the Harvester and crashed Bus have been resolved.
  • Entity effects clipping near hooks in Underground Complex have been fixed.
  • Railings obstructing The Nurse’s blink in Mother’s Dwelling are rectified.
  • Maze tile collision in Pale Rose and Biopod adhesion in Underground Complex have been mended.
  • Player navigation obstacles in Dead Dawg Saloon and Eyrie of Crows have been cleared.
  • Shattered Square’s invisible navigation barriers have been removed.
  • Survivor-to-Killer role switch in custom matches when unprepared has been addressed.

Advantage Adjustments

  • Healing speed from Circle of Healing now applies correctly when a medkit is depleted.
  • The attack cooldown reduction from Save the Best for Last Perk now accurately reflects 4%.
  • The Hindered effect from Champion of Light activates properly when the Killer is blinded during a carry.

Interface Upgrades

  • Audio cues for party join or leave actions are now functioning.
  • The Daily Rituals button is now operational after transitioning from Killer Lobby or Archives.
  • Cursor visibility/movement issues during intro cinematic have been corrected.
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