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The Most Popular Tracks in Forza Motorsports 8 – Part 1

Forza Motorsports 8 is a racing game that has taken the gaming world by storm, offering an unparalleled realistic and immersive driving experience in the industry. The game features many tracks on which players can compete, each with its challenges and features. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular tracks in Forza Motorsports 8, starting with Road America, the Mugello, Hakone, and the Lime Rock Park.

Road America

Road America is a classic track that has been a part of the Forza Motorsports series since its inception. It is a 4-mile, 14-turn circuit in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, known for its long straightaways and challenging corners. This track is a favorite among gamers because it requires a perfect balance between speed and control. The high-speed straightaways allow players to push their cars to the limit, while the tight corners test their braking and handling skills. The Wisconsin countryside’s beautiful scenery also adds to this track’s appeal.


The Mugello circuit is a track that offers a unique racing experience in Forza Motorsports 8. Located in Italy, this circuit is known for its fast and flowing layout. The Mugello circuit features a series of high-speed corners that require precise steering and throttle control. The track also features long straights that allow players to reach high speeds. The combination of high-speed corners and straights makes the Mugello circuit an exciting and challenging track. The beautiful Italian landscape surrounding the track also contributes to its popularity.


The next circuit is the Hakone circuit. This track is located in the mountainous region of Hakone, Japan, and is known for its tight turns and elevation changes. The track layout tests the driver’s ability to corner at high speed. The stunning mountain scenery and challenging track layout make the Hakone circuit popular among Forza Motorsports 8 players.

Lime Rock Park

The Lime Rock Park circuit is a short but challenging track in Forza Motorsports 8. This 1.5-mile circuit is in Lakeville, Connecticut, and is known for its tight turns and short straightaways. The Lime Rock Park circuit requires precise steering, throttle control, and strategic use of the brakes. The short track length makes racing on this circuit often intense and action-packed, making it a favorite among gamers who enjoy close, competitive racing.

Road America Circuit, Mugello Circuit, Hakone Circuit, and Lime Rock Park Circuit are some of the most popular tracks in Forza Motorsports 8. Each of these tracks offers a unique and challenging racing experience, making them a favorite among gamers. Stay tuned for part two of this article, where we’ll discuss more popular tracks in Forza Motorsports 8.

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