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Talisman of Ascension Teamfight Tactics: What is it and How to Use it

The Inkborn Fables set in Teamfight Tactics has introduced a new batch of powerful artifacts, and one stands out as a game-changer: the Talisman of Ascension. This artifact has quickly become a must-have item, dominating the meta and inspiring an emergency nerf in the TFT 14.9 B-patch. 

What is the Ascension Talisman?

The Talisman of Ascension is an artifact that significantly increases your champions health and damage output. It grants 300 base health when equipped and increases the champion’s damage 120% after 22 seconds of combat.

The latter being combined with increased survivability and damage makes the Talisman of Ascension a real threat late game. It empowers frontline tanks and backline carries to take more damage while taking more punishment.

Pre-Nerf Dominance

Before the 14.9 B-patch of TFT, the Talisman of Ascension reigned supreme. With 400 base health, a 150% damage increase, and a shorter 18-second activation time, it was undoubtedly overpowered. Statistics showed that compositions featuring the Talisman consistently achieved top placements, often outperforming even the strongest item combinations.

Champions like 2-star Sylas, Annie, Ahri, Syndra, Lillia, and Irelia benefited immensely from the Talisman, making it a must-have item in every game. Its prevalence and dominance prompted Riot Games to address the issue swiftly with a well-deserved nerf.

Post-Nerf Viability

While the 14.9 B-patch nerf has brought the Talisman of Ascension back into balance, it remains a potent artifact choice. The reduced base health, damage increase, and longer activation time have tempered its overwhelming strength, but it still offers a significant boost to any champion fortunate enough to wield it.

The key to maximizing the Talisman’s potential post-nerf lies in strategic positioning and composition building. Frontline champions like tanks and bruisers can utilize the health and damage boost to soak up damage while dishing out respectable damage themselves. Backline carries, on the other hand, can benefit from the increased survivability and damage output once the Talisman activates.

Ideal Compositions

Certain compositions excel at stalling and prolonging fights, allowing the Talisman of Ascension to reach its full potential. Comps like Fated, Dryad, and Mythic/Invoker thrive with the Talisman, as their inherent sustain and crowd control capabilities buy time for the artifact to activate.

Positioning your Talisman-equipped champion strategically is also crucial. Place frontline champions to initiate and disrupt the enemy team, while protecting backline carries until the Talisman activates, unleashing their enhanced damage output.

Closing Thoughts

TFT’s Talisman of Ascension is a powerful (albeit balancing) addition to the game. It is no longer the king of artifacts but is a solid choice for compositions that utilize its strengths.

Understanding its mechanics, optimal compositions, and positioning will give you the ability to tap into the Talisman’s potential in your Teamfight Tactics matches. Take advantage of ascension and rise above your opponents in the world of Inkborn Fables!

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