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NRG Choke Their Biggest Match of the Season Yet Again – Valorant VCT News

Valorant VCT matches have reached the most exciting stages of the year. NRG and C9 fought for a place in the playoffs, and the match went to overtime. All eyes were on FNS and Som as they returned to ...

100T Boostio played a round without a mouse? FNS to G2? – Valorant Weekly Roundup

For those who haven’t been keeping up with Valorant’s eSports news lately, you’ve come to the right place. Valorant Franchise League is going on right now and a ton of upsets have already ...

Does the new change completely kill Skye? Is Sova or Fade the better option?

Major changes are incoming for Skye in Valorant. For more details on that, you can check out this post we uploaded a few hours ago. With Skye being a staple pick for many top-tier teams, how big of a ...

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