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DUNE: Digging Up the History of a Sci-Fi Saga Reborn on Arrakis

Imagine a universe: Colossal sandworms guard a life-extending spice, noble houses vie for galactic dominance, and a desert planet holds the key to interstellar travel.  This captivating world of Frank...

DUNE: Spice Wars Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to the harsh sands of Arrakis, Fremen! Spice, the most valuable resource in the Imperium, lies hidden beneath this unforgiving desert planet.   However, with great reward comes great danger. H...

Is DUNE: Spice Wars Worth It? | GAME REVIEW

Is DUNE: Spice Wars Worth It? | GAME REVIEW

The spice must flow! But does that flow translate into a game worth exploring? The tough beauty of Arrakis and the intense rivalry over the galaxy’s most valuable resource were beautifully portr...

9.1 Amazing

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